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  1. What is the status on the year long hiatus on publishing Challenge Caches?
  2. Thank you, Gary for doing this race. Also thank you for giving us our Hummer trackables.
  3. Thank you for another fun race! We love reading about all of the places that our trackables went to.
  4. #12 and #33 went out today in a cache. Good Luck Racers!
  5. My wife & I are compiling a Bookmarked List of certain challenges for all fifty states plus Washington DC. Any help will be appreciated. We are wanting Fizzy Challenges (Well Rounded Geocacher), Jasmer Challenge, Finds on all 365(366) Days of the Year and Finds on all 365(366) Placed Dates of the Year. You can check out our Bookmarked List to see if we are missing any from your own challenge caches or from your part of the United Sates. Fizzy/Jasmer/365 (366) Days/Placed Dates Thanks for any help, Jay
  6. My wife & I enjoy the road trips that we go on hunting for certain caches. It gets us outside and hiking. We are in our 50's and we have a blast climbing mountains, hills and trees. We get an adrenaline rush when we find a cache that others have had problems finding. We've found a geocache in all 254 counties in Texas and all 77 counties in Oklahoma. Currently we are working on getting a geocache in every county in Kansas and Tennessee. Not too many folks can say that they've been in every county in Texas (and other states).
  7. We also are having this problem on our laptops at home. I use Google Chrome for my browser. We have done nothing different from the last few years of geocaching so I chalked it up to geocaching.com is having problems on their end.
  8. Here in West Texas we have lots of cactus so my wife & I place tweezers in various caches that are near cacti country.
  9. Just contact the logger and have them change the date to the right date (or at least a date on or after the published date).
  10. On the first page of that app under your geocaching name you will see Current Location, with the coords listed. That is the coords that my wife & I use to hide caches. The Accuracy is usually within 16 ft.
  11. It does sound like a great idea and also a pleasant surprise in the mailbox.
  12. Start by looking at Shellfish's lists Shellfish Challenge Lists Shellfish's List is where I first got started with compiling my own Bookmarked List of Challenges. My wife & I actively cache in four different states so I have Notifications set up to notify me of any newly published Mystery Caches in these four states and then I look for the word "challenge" and add it to my Bookmarked Lists.
  13. Thanks! I can't believe i never noticed that XD My wife & I use this feature before setting out for a hike in the woods so that we can get back to our vehicle. It ain't fun being lost in the woods....forgeting which paths we were just on, etc.
  14. Have you tried tb-rescue.com? My wife & I have rescued one trackable that was in a cache about 80 miles from our house.
  15. From the iPhone geocaching.com app you can open up the cache webpage and click on Found it, you should see Trackable Drop/Visit button. Click on button and a list of trackables that are in your possession will be listed. Click on the one that you are dropping off or that you want to dip.
  16. My wife & I love doing challenges and have asked Groundspeak about the same thing and have gotten the same response. I don't see any changes happening soon but it will not stop us from creating and maintaining our own bookmarked list of challenges in the states that we frequently visit or want to visit in the future. I have lists of challenges in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Tennesee, lists of Fizzy Challenges, Well-Rounded Cachers and Jasmer challenges in many states, and a list of the top ten oldest caches in each state.
  17. I have a personal Email account and a separate Email account for just geocaching. The one for just geocaching has a certain ring tone and when it goes off my wife & I are like Pavlov's Dog, drooling with excitement for another chance of getting a FTF.
  18. Let's see...... We've been stopped and questioned by one university security officer, three police officers, two border patrol officers and two highway patrol officers. I generally start off the conversation with, "Have you ever heard of Geocaching?". Most have heard of it and they can see from our iPhone geocaching app that we are in fact geocaching. (edited to correct spelling error) I hate it when that happens.......
  19. Yes, you can click on Write Note and leave a message that you're dropping off a trackable. My wife & I do this all this time after we come back from road trips.
  20. We've had a few trackables that just want to travel. We've taken several road trips where we are passing through three or four states so we will dip (clicked on Visited button) those trackables in one cache per state then drop them off when we reach our destination. They get the mileage plus different states visits.
  21. We have eight out of fifty trackables that are missing. We are currently doing Proxies on those eight so that they can continue on. We enjoy reading where all the trackables go and reading the comments of geocacher far and wide.
  22. My wife & I both use our iPhone 5s with the geocaching.com app and we're real happy with them.
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