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Track Tb Progress In Google Earth


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I've written a GreaseMonkey script which allows you to view the progress of a travel bug across the globe with Google Earth.


To see it in action, view this image (70Kb)


To install it, you must use the Firefox browser with the Greasemonkey extension. Once you've got that, right click this link http://files.dixo.net/geocachingtbtracker.user.js and choose "install user script...". A dialog will appear showing the script name and the pages it will modify - to confirm you want to install, click OK. Now go find a TB to track!


I wrote this very quickly when the idea occurred to me this afternoon - if you notice a problem with it, do let me know!

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I just fixed a bug in the script where it could miss points on TBs that had photographs logged, so if you've noticed too few points, re-install the script and try again!


Many thanks to the eagle-eyed Rutson for alerting me to the problem.

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There's no stopping that Mr Rutson when he gets going and he's just added some nice tweaks, each cache on the route is now marked, and you can "playback" the TB track in Google Earth to fly from cache to cache. It's a lovely upgrade, so if you liked the extension before, you'll love it now :P


Upgrade by re-installing from the original link.

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I downloaded the add-in and the script and then tried to view the map picture and I got a pop-up asking me what I wanted to do with the file. The pop-up said the file was an: application/vnd.google-earth.kml+xml application. I tried it on travel bug TBJVDW which has traveled From Alaska to Florida to New Zealand. I also tried it on several other less traveled bugs, but I get the same result. Did I miss something?


Nevermine .. I figured it out.. Duh ... have to install Google-Earth. Silly me. Now it works great! :blink:

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It isn't performing an automated fetch of anything - the fetching is driven by your own browsing. All it does is utilise the information on the page to visualise it in a different way.

I'm confused. Where are the coordinates of the caches it has visited available on the TB page? I went and looked and I did not see them. Don't you need coordinates to make the map?

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View the HTML source to that page, the information is there. If you can read javascript, you can view the source of the GreaseMonkey script to see how I did it.

Ah, indeed it is! The various map centers. Clever.


I don't use Greasemonkey because of its serious security flaws. Knowing that the information is on that page is extremely useful, howver. Thanks!

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