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Cachers Local To Me

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I don't think there is a search engine facility to do that, but a wee bit of detective work might indicate some local cachers perhaps.


It's my guess that quite a few cachers start off by bagging caches which are quite close to home or to work. Looking at the early logs of cachers might give a clue as to their whereabouts.


It's never going to be infallible and it will show many anomalies, but maybe there is a general pattern that most people tend to bag their local caches and then spiral outwards. to find new pastures? I seem to recall that the approvers use the pattern of finds when assessing whether a new cache-placer will be able to maintain a cache reasonably easily from home or work location(s).


As I understand the situation, GC.com has a policy of not publishing the home location of geocaching members. My own weekly notification email shows that the system 'knows' the postcode location that I uploaded in my registration, but I don't think it's shown on my public profile. Probably just as well, because it might become a burglar magnet if one were to be caching a long way from home and filing logs which indicated that the home locus was unattended.


Cheers, The Forester

somewhere between Glasgow and Edinburgh

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have you ever been to a Geocache meet

I don’t want a lot of Fat hairy men in fleeces and boots, with muddy cars and long suffering wives stalking me :rolleyes:


Finding caches in a generic area would be ok but finding where my home coords i would not be over the moon with


ps I am also a fat hairy man that often wears a fleeces and boots My car is muddy and my wife is very long suffering

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Yes I've been to a couple of meets, 1 in Newcastle and a CITO event in Ediburgh, both quite enjoyable. I'm also going to the 1 in Durham


I'm not fat and hairy and am not into stalking LOL


I wasn't trying to find cachers home co-ords I was just wondering if there were any other cachers in and around this area apart from the ones I already know.



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have you ever been to a Geocache meet

I don’t want a lot of Fat hairy men in fleeces and boots, with muddy cars and long suffering wives stalking me  B)

Oi... I've attended 26 events now and I can honestly say that I've never been to one that I didn't enjoy.


Hairy...... OK, I'll allow that :)

Fat..... I don't think so!!! :blink:

A muddy car.... Yep! :lol:

A stalker.... definitely not :blink:

As for the long suffering wife.... she called it a day a long time ago :lol:

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Hairy...... Nope, have a number one, palms of my hands get very hairy but only when its a full moon so I don't worry about it NOOWWWWW!! :lol:


Fat..... Not really, since I took up caching. :)


A muddy car.... Nope, van which is very muddy but can go places no car would get!! :blink:


A stalker.... Would that be John Stalker? :lol:


As for the long suffering wife.... got me there, she was suffering long before caching!!! :blink:



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Put all the caches that are in the area that you are interested in, onto your watchlist, that way you will see who the people are that log in your area all the time.

I have all of the Edinburgh caches on my watchlist and know exactly who is coming and going, and also have a fair idea of who is from Edinburgh.


This idea also allows you to say hello to newbies who have their first find in your area.

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Is there any way of searching for cachers who live locally to me.

I wondered if there was a way of searching for cachers similar to the way you search for caches ?


I live in Northumberland so can I search for cachers say in a 10 mile radius of me ??


Thanks in advance


Serach for caches local to your Post code. The cachers who placed the top 10 caches should all be local to you. HTH :blink:

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hi kev,


when the event for the durham meet went live i asked the same question and was told no basically


so i went to the newcastle meet jotted down all the names of the cachers who attended then looked through several local caches and jotted down names


then i emailed all the people through their profiles to see if they would be interestd in the meet


i know it was advertised on the forums but a lot of caches dont use these, it was a long way round of doing things but after the emails were sent i had a good response so it worked for me



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