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Depending on the cache I put out depends on the type of stuff in there. I did a puzzle cache that made you do 7 puzzles to get to the cache. So of course it was an ammo can that I spent about 30 dollars on in stuff (a poncho, a new compass, a first aid kit, an older PS2 game) were among the things I started out with in the cache.

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I've gotten into theme caches lately but I like finding lots of stuff. Duct tape was a nice find one day when I needed some. Ceramic mugs were popular in the area a few years ago. I have taken tools (screwdrivers, pliers - all new). I have taken a lot of toys (near 3 year old son). Coins (foriegn mostly). Puzzles, postcards, matchbox cars etc....


I tend to like to see new items as opposed to old rusty or broken things.

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My son and his friends love to go geocaching, so I like to put in items that kids like. I like to buy kids items in bulk and use them. They love everything from bouncy balls, stickers, sticky hands...fun kid things. Of couse, my 12 year old is all about finding quarters and things like that too!

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