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I have heard that this is a problem with the 60 series. One thing I noticed is that the USB cable from my camera will work with my 60 CS, but it takes a little bit of force to insert the plug, while the Garmin USB cable plugs in easily.

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I've had this exact same thing happen to my 60C. When I connect it to my PC via USB, I hear the "doo-DEE!" sound from Windows XP, which means my PC recognizes the USB driver connection. However, after a few seconds, the connection gets lost and I hear the "dee-DOO!" sound of the USB connection turning off (like my sound effects?). I have to wiggle the cable and the USB connector to get my PC to recognize the GPSr, and then quickly download or upload waypoints, maps, etc., before I get "dee-DOO'd".


I plan to contact Garmin about this (it's still under warranty), but I can't bear the thought of being away from my 60C. I'll have to use my backup GPSr (eTrex Legend) in the meantime.



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The usb plug for the 60c and 60cs is a standard USB A-B Mini. found at most radio shacks and best buy stores about 5 bucks. Most digital cameras use the same plug.

I think it's great that Garmin used a standard usb plug on there color units. It's nice that you can get a cable just about anyplace for it.


I don't understand why all the gps units that use USB don't use a standard cable.


There had been times last year when we were out of town and i had my old Legend and the use of a computer, but forgot my cable at home.


That won't be a problem with my new Legend C being it has a direct USB connection. :P

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Yes; I purchased a 60c when they were first available. I returned it to Garmin within the first three months because the USB connector worked loose. Garmin replaced the USB connector on the GPS and I have not had trouble with it since.

I had the same problem with my 60CS. Sent it to Garmin and had it back with in a week.

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