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  1. Thanks for the input. Carrying position is not the issue. That's been eliminated. Track log settings have been changed and tested, and can be ruled out. Addition of an external antenna should not be necessary when one model without one performs admirably. They are both quad helix models. There is something inherently different in this particular 64. The question is whether or not all 64s configured identically would perform the same. If everything else is equal, how much variation is normal from unit to unit?
  2. Significant variation from where they should be. For example, on an out and back trip the two legs may be 75 feet apart in places.
  3. Thanks for the information. I bought it online at GPS City. Too bad I didn't purchase it locally so it could be exchanged.
  4. I've owned a dozen or more Garmin units over the years, and it's always perplexed me how two seemingly similar units can vary in their performance. I've owned a 62s since 2011, and wanted a "backup" since the 62 is getting older after years of heavy use. I purchased a 64s a few months back. I've now done about 15 side-by-side tests of both the 62s and the 64s on trail runs. The 64s tracks are inferior to the 62s tracks. I've tried with GLONASS on, and off. The results are the same. Is this an inferior unit? If I purchase another 64s will it be the same as the one I have? If I purchase another 62s (harder to do now), will it perform as well as the 62s I have? Why is there so much variation?
  5. I have Basemap and Mapsource. I greatly prefer Mapsource.
  6. It has happened to me twice with well used 60 series models. The only solution I reached in both instances was replacement. Simply put, they died.
  7. Cheaper separately, but then they don't track your hunting buddy on the map, which the Rino does. You can also send short text messages between them. And the voice communications still works with other FRS/GMRS radios. That is the distinct advantage of the Rinos. If you only have one I think it's better to get separate GPS and radios. If someone else in your party has one, they allow you to keep track quite well. I have two Rino 650s in addition to a 62S. If I had no need to communicate I would take the 62S. When I'm hunting with someone else I take the Rinos so we can not only communicate but know where each other is.
  8. Have you tried setting your GPS to Spanner mode? Setup > System > Interface > Garmin Spanner.
  9. There are quite a few things I don't like about the 62, but they may or may not matter to others. Here are just a few: Custom POIs do not work the same on the 62 series that they do on previous models. You can see the POI icon on the map, but the name will not display. I've scratched my head many times wondering why Garmin would take away this functionality. Their answer is that POI names clutter the screen. How about this, Garmin: give us the option to turn them on or off, or set them to only display to certain zoom levels. Tracking: much more complicated, and to me a serious loss of functionality. With all previous models you can turn the track log on or off. When the track log is off, you can still see previously recorded tracks. On the 62 series you have these options: (1) Record, Show on Map, (2) Record, Do Not Show, (3) Do not record. If you select "Do Not Record" you will not see any of the previously saved current track log. Sure, you can save it but it's a real pain and time killer if you do it often. Again, why doesn't Garmin simply offer a "Do Not Record, Display Previous Track" option? Also, if you want to record individual track segments, it's more difficult because when recording is turned off and back on, the track connects the last point of the prior track with the first point on the fresh track. With the 60 series each track was saved separately without connection. Yes, they can be saved and split up with software, but that's more work that shouldn't be necessary. Menu functionality: to get to certain functions takes more button pushes. Again using the example of Tracking: on the 60 series "Tracks" could be set as a primary page. On the 62 the functionality to turn it on and off is under "Setup", and the functionality to manage existing tracks ("Track Manager" is under an entirely different primary page: "Main Menu". It takes multiple page operations to get to where you could more easily get to with prior models. You cannot reset the waypoint auto numbering scheme. No big deal, but I prefer to always reset it to 001 when I start a new trip/adventure. Very easy to do on the 62 series; not possible on the 62 series without doing a master reset. The ability to add multiple .img files is very nice. It's my opinion, but I believe the 60 series epitomized the ideal outdoor GPS for Garmin. The newer models have added some features that are definitely nice, but Garmin took away some basic functions and made some harder to do in the process.
  10. I've not experienced that. As for the second issue, press the "FIND" buttom while navigating and you should get an option to stop navigation.
  11. Turn off track recording at the end of your hike/ride.
  12. In my opinion (and apparently the opinion of some others), Garmin's 60x series were the zenith of performance, simplicity, and durability. I've owned various Garmin models since 1995, including some of the contemporary models, and have not found any that can outperform the 60x series where it counts for me: accuracy.
  13. When you select a different waypoint symbol on the unit, that becomes the new default symbol.
  14. 62sc = 62s + 5 Megapixel camera. Anything you know/read about the 62s would be applicable to the 62sc with the exception of the camera.
  15. Waypoint names display fine; only custom POI names do not display. That's Garmin's answer, by the way: turn your custom POIs into waypoints.
  16. Care to give some reasons? My needs may be different than most, but I prefer the 60 series over the 62 series. There are too many good things about the 60 that are missing on the 62. Some may consider them minor. Here are a few examples, not necessarily in order of importance. (1) Track log accuracy: the 60Cx and 60CSx I have both outperform the 62s in track log accuracy. I've run some trails since 2000 and have 20 or more track logs of some of them. When I look at ten years of tracks and see the 62 tracks falling outside the range of the others, that's not good. Most of my tracking is done in heavy tree canopy. (2) Track log viewing capability: with the 60, you can turn the track on, then off, then on again and so forth. You can see the individual recorded track segments. With the 62 series the track log is on, or off. When it is off you cannot see the previously recorded tracks. Yes, yes - you can save the "current track" but it's a real pain if you're doing it multiple times. (3) Alphabetic name search: on the 60 series you can display waypoints and POIs sorted alphabetically; on the 62 series it's "nearest" only, or a search by name. If I know a waypoint starts with "T", I would like to see all the waypoints that start with T. It can't be done on the 62 without seeing waypoints with a a "T" anywhere in the name. (4) custom POI names do not display on the map. You can see the icons, but no names. Go figure: what good is a POI if I don't know what it is? (5) Display: I find the display of the 60 easier to read in daylight. (6) Battery life: not a scientific study by any means, but my impression is that battery life on the 62 is not as good. (7) Finding waypoints/POIs near another waypoint/POI. It can be done on the 62s it's just more complicated. (8)No battery life display present on the map page. You can get it with a push of the power button, but what should that be necessary? (9) Squeeky buttons. (10) Sticky issue. (11) Etc. None of these may be showstoppers, but added together they just make the 62 less functional for me. The way I see it, the 60 design was nearly perfect. They've added a lot of features to the 62, but dumbed down or eliminated some of the things that made the 60 such a great unit. Personally, I'd rather have very accurate track log recording more than Birdeye imagery. I do like certain features of the 62: the ability to have multiple .img files is wonderful.
  17. I have both, and greatly prefer the 60 series over the 62.
  18. The 62 series, for whatever reason, does not display the name of custom POIs loaded with POI Loader on the map. You should be able to see the icons but you will never see the names.
  19. I can see the icons of my custom POIs loaded with POI Loader. There appears to be no way to display the POI name. I'm befuddled as to why Garmin did this, but they did.
  20. I'm not sure about the eTrex models, but I have the same complaint about the 62 series. IMO this is a case of Garmin "dumbing down" the current models. The older models allowed display of waypoints and POIs by a full alphabetic listing. If you knew that a waypoint starts with "T", for example, you could look at the waypoints that started with T. That capability has been removed on the 62 series.
  21. Agreed, but that's why the 62 series and the 60 series have the option to change text size and zoom levels for POIs. It works fine on the 60 series, but not on the 62 series.
  22. I think Garmin is saying that if you convert the POIs to waypoints and send them to the GPS, then the names will appear. Of course that is already known.
  23. I can't believe it but Garmin has confirmed it. I could not get the POI names to display on my new 62s. I called Garmin and the tech tested it out, and determined that is correct. The only solution he could offer is to use waypoints rather than POIs. The waypoint limit on the 62 series is 2000, so if you have more than 2000 waypoints and POIs you're out of luck if you want to see their names displayed. Following are his two replies. Reply 1: Bob, This is xxx we spoke Earlier. I attempted several Tests with my GPSmap 62st (software and everything is the same we don’t have 62s in our building). I sent over a group of about 3000 Custom POI’s to my device and just as you described I am only able to see the symbol for the device but the name does not appear on the map unless I use the directional pad then the name will appear at the top of the screen. I sent the same files to my 60csx and they appear with the name and symbol on the screen. I also had another co-worker of mine attempt the same thing to double check my work. He came to the same conclusion as I have, it would appear that it is an option that is just not available on the 62 Series. I am sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused you, I can understand how disappointing that the older model device can do it while this new one cannot. If you have any questions feel free to email me back or call for assistance. With Best Regards, xxx Product Support Specialist Garmin AT (Salem, Oregon) 1-800-800-1020 Reply 2: Bob, Upon further instruction I was able to find a workaround, my custom POI’s are saved as a .GPX file. If I import that File into Basecamp the POI’s will then become Waypoints and I can change the symbol in basecamp. Then when they are sent to my 62st they appear as waypoints on my map then I can see the name and the symbol. With Best Regards, xxx Product Support Specialist Garmin AT (Salem, Oregon) 1-800-800-1020
  24. I can see the symbols but not the names. I've tried every combination of zoom level and detail level to no avail. What is the trick?
  25. I am going through the same experience. After thousands of hours with a 60Cx, it died. I purchased a 62S as a replacement. It's similar but there are some significant differences, as well as some minor differences. The significant differences are primarily good but take some getting familiar with. For example, you can send and use multiple .img files on the micro SD card rather than just one. The track logs work differently, as you can "archive" and retrieve as many tracks as your card memory allows. There's one example of an "insignificant" difference that I don't like: your options for the active track are "Record and Display", "Record and Do Not Display", and "Do Not Record". If you want to record a track segment, turn tracking off, record another segment and so forth - it can be done, but every time you select "Do Not Record" it hides all the other active track segments. There needs to be a "Do Not Record and DO DISPLAY the other current segments". Satellite acquisition from a cold start is significantly faster. Birds Eye imagery: I haven't tried this, and probably won't. As for recording accurate track logs: my experience to date has been that the 62 is not as accurate as my 60Cx and 60CSx units. It's good, but not as good. I do quite a bit of trail mapping in heavy tree canopy, and I have never found any GPS that matches the consistent track log accuracy of the 60X series. Battery life: limited experience; specs indicate similar life. Screen: I don't think the 62 screen is as readable in daylight as the 60 screens. Not bad, but not quite as good IMO. Menu layout: similar, but takes some getting used to. Lots of little quirks that irritate me: the track log display on/off, for example. I haven't found a way yet to reset the new waypoint counter to 001. The welcome screen data cannot be changed on the unit itself (it's a text file that must be edited via a connected PC). Deleting waypoints can take quite a few more keystrokes, depending on which menu they are activated from. NO ALPHABETICALLY SORTED LISTING OF WAYPOINTS. (What was Garmin thinking on this one)? Lots of good things, a few bad things, quite a few minor irritants, and some relearning required. Overall, I like it.
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