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Summer Goals! Plans?


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:rolleyes: With the snow gone and the weather warming I wondered what people had planned for the summer? Any suggestions for good caches/activities to do? :rolleyes:


Mine (to start things off) are to get a couple benchmarks to add to my stats. I'd also like to do Deer Bait, the first Ontario cache.



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I'm in the process of planning a few bike trips for the summer. Some of my goals include:


- finishing the GHMCMC series. By bicycle if I have to.

- completing the FLOO network series in one day, by bicycle.

- finding all caches within 30km of home

- maintaining an average of at least one cache find per day for the entire year.

- it may be optimistic, but I'll try to reach find #1000 this year.

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Summer plans....


- Place my next series (maybe my last series, but probably not)


- Find a real Benchmark, Letterbox and hopefully a Project Ape (wishful thinking on that one)


- Have 'Bruce Almighty' and 'Virtual GeoPoker' complete


Other than that, try to relax in the backyard frequently. Maybe get into biking (street and/or mountain)


And work towards World Peace!

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We've rented a giant money-sucking-Winnebago-type-thing and will be caching our way from Guelph to Maine and back.


Ultimate destination is the L.L.Bean outlet (at least that's what Mrs.TT believes...secretly, I'm really headed for the heart of America...the Ben & Jerry's factory... shhhh... don't telll Linda!)


After that it's GHAGAFAP IV planning.


Sorry Murfster... yet another summer is going to pass without getting to your neck of the woods... :ph34r: Maybe next year??? :lol:


Oh yeah... it's also my plan to redo my forum logo...

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