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What's The Largest Gpsr

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I use a little garmin legend like so many others. But some people may have larger units. Has anyone seen a cacher carrying a laptop through the woods to find a cache???? If so, I'm sure they were rather desperate to find it and log it fast...and didn't have a PDA...or phone type dealy to log it with.


Just a question after seeing all the other "biggest cache" topics posted. I thought I'd post something a little off that...but still on the "big" theme. Sorry to those of you tired of the "big" theme.

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My old GPS12 seems like the size of a 70's Cadillac compared to my Legend.  I'm still pretty sure the 12 is more accurate.

My Garmin12 just feels good in my hand; all these tiny, new-fangled jobbies remind me of threading a needle.


It doesn't have the whistles and bells, but it is accurate. With four AAs, it is heavier, but it seems like the batteries last forever, even with back lighting.


I always have a map and a compass, so the only disadvantage for me is it's bulkyness when it's in my pocket. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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The first gps I owned was an eagle Annunav sport. It took 6 AA batts and weighed at least a pound. It was huge by todays standards, about 8 inches tall, 4 inches wide at 2 inches thick. It could track up to 4 sats at a time, and the accuracy (selective availability was on) was 100 meters at best.


I used it for hunting and it saved me many miles of backtracking to the jeep. I was the shizzy nizzy at Elk camp.

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Wow, no doubt about that Leica unit!...with base stations even!


And, those pix are great. It all makes me glad I don't have to carry a backpack antenna, or a big battery pack with me while caching, or just going for a walk with the GPSr on.


Some of these kinda remind me of old cell phones...the size of bricks and some with huge cords to hook up to a car lighter, and a base unit larger than the cell phone to charge it on!

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