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Nfa's Puzzle Cache

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If anyone has NFA -53 Rupert's Cash Cache on their watchlist, then they know of the recent allegations suggesting that it is a hoax. In response, NFA has stated that it is indeed not a hoax and might offer some sort of spoiler.


Currently it is the oldest un-found cache in the entire State and I would encourage him NOT to "dumb it down" (as one cacher has stated) and hope others will do the same here.

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After working all afternoon on this one back in August i managed to get this out of my mind. thanks for bringing it back Dan!!! :rolleyes:

Same here! I recall sitting at my computer for hours and hours and hours trying all sorts of code wheels, I eventually just gave up. If there is a known codewheel that works with this puzzle please gimme a link to it!



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  avroair, your blood and guts experience should at least help. maybe a team is in order.


B&G had stages so there were lulls and highpoints... you never know if you are close to cracking this one since I would assume you have to stumble upon the key and correct alpha-numerical sequence.


But I guess bouncing ideas from eachother can't hurt.

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The dumbing of America: I can't find it. Therefore it must be a hoax.

I give NFA credit for creating a cache that no one has found yet. If it were closer, I'd work on the puzzle. Glad it's not closer! Though, I may have to work on this one, anyway. It's intriguing and challenging.

I've done some tough caches (thank you, splicingdan). And I've been completely befuddled on some very easy ones (thank you, briansnat). I've been physically and mentally challenged. (And I'm still considering WheretogoVertigo.) But to denigrate a cache, and call it a hoax, because one can not solve the riddle is diningenuous at best.

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NFA: you want to point folks from your cache page to this thread so they don't turn the cache listing into a forum of its own?


Too late.


People are even posting about the methods that they're using to solve the puzzle, which is unethical, in my opinion.

I would agree, except those methods aren't working, so what's the harm. <_<

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