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I'm not sure if this has been brought up or not but...


For all the cachers in the greater metro Detroit area (Michigan), did you complete all the caches at each park? I put our new 2005 vehicle pass in our truck this morning and re-read the letter that came with the pass. In there it states that 93 teams successfully completed all the caches. While 93 people/groups/teams may seem like a decent number, I don't think that's very many at all.


Who else completed the 13 park/cache challenge and got the free annual pass for 2005?



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I've not cached in Michigan, so I'm not familliar with the cachers or the area, but I don't think that's a bad number at all. In fact, I think it's pretty good. You have to realize that 93 cachers x 13 caches means over 1200 cache loggings... There are always a number of reasons that somebody can't do a certain cache - too many muggles, uncooperative weather, etc...


There's nowhere near that number of cachers in the core group in Nashville (we have a large number, but the high numbers/really active people probably don't add up to 100) so it means that a lot of people participated.

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Given the size of the caching community in Michigan, and given the participants were most likely from a small region of the state, I think 93 is pretty high. That's more than do Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure each year, and that's an even more elaborate setup. At $20 a pop, HCMP probably wouldn't want to see too many more winners. :D


I was one of the 93. What awesome parks! I'd been to a few, but not nearly all of them. I'll try to participate next year, though my caching time is less than it used to be.

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A quick question about the pass - did you jsut take you cards to the park office and exchange them or is their paperwork. i found the final one about 2 months ago but havent really done anything about it

I turned mine in at the Nature Center at Indian Springs, the last cache I did. I gave the ranger my 13 cards and one of the brochures with found dates filled in and my contact info. I actually didn't have the brochure I'd been using, so I just got a new one right then and guess-timated the dates I found them.


Any of the park offices should accept them (or were accepting them; I don't know whether it's too late to turn them in).

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At the Metroparks picnic, Tim Phillips (the MP guy) said they were planning on it again


Next spring we will actually PLAN on duplicating our feat. This year we just went out for FTF's (the 5 closest parks to us hadn't been found yet!). We all os sudden found ourselves at Stony and had to call sitters and the like. We will be ready nexy year!!!! Hopefully they open on a Saturday instead this time.


I see B&G3 has officially ended as of today.




Who wants to admit to falling for the Stage 4 'red herring'?


Who didn't find the red herring(s)? There were more than one! Or how about the Stage 3 "Fools Gold?"

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The 'Fools Gold' was funny, but almost unavoidable since it was helpful in locating the 'gold'. I spent 2 1/2 hours looking for the 4th container. Much of that was spent trying to find a way to get to that little island without getting wet. From the logs, I see that some people swam for it.

I just couldn't believe the 5th coin location. I asked Gary and he assured me it was only 18" of water. When we did the series in November with Awsome Ev, we walked to within 2' of it on dry land.<g>



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is it some sort of contest that i accidently entered. did everone who completed b&g get a pass and or a coin

B&G have a drawing for those who finished. You were one of the *very* lucky ones who got a pass *and* a coin! Congratulations!


I heard people got their prizes last week, and I figured I wasn't getting a prize this year. Now there's still hope!


The B&G drawing is separate from the pass you'd have got for turning your cards in for the 13 Metropark caches. So it's likely some people got two free passes this year!

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