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Ray&rose Geocoins

Square Bear

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This is the list that I have, had to look through a lot of emails I hope I didn't miss any one. If I have please email me.


Have address

Kilt Surfer

Have address


Have Address


Have address

Team Tillery

Have address


Have address

Nurse Dave

Have address


Have address


Have address


Waiting for address


Have address


Have Address


Waiting for Address


Have address


Waiting for the WCM


Holding for non-event

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Stuey the picture is at about the middle of page to of this forum. Happy, I not sure right now, got about 10 coins with out numbers, they said that they always print 10 without numbers incase there is a problem. They just shipped me the wrong ones and will send the ones with numbers and I can keep the ones without numbers. I have an idea about what I’m going to do with the ones with out numbers, but keeping that to my self. B)

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Holy smoke - this puppy is awWWWWWWWWwsome!


HUGE! HEAVY! Beautiful brushed pewter. Ever so sparkly, and the design - purely simple. The paw print impeccable and the bears w/ the colors - devine! And to think I played some itty-bitty part in the design of these wondrous trinkets. Thanks R&R - a most precious addition to my geosig collection.

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Hello Ray,


I got my coin today. I must admit is one of the nicer geocoins now in my collection. You did a good job on the design. And the size... Man! Heavy too. I wouldn't wanna carry to many of those when you go geocaching.


Thank you!!!


Your coin from me should be there in a few days.

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That was an absolutely AWEsome trade! This coin is huge. I love the big bear claw. Was about to toss the envelope. I looked in one last time and saw the wooden nickel. That looks great too. Somehow, I bet my son is going to capture this coin for his collection. Great job on the design.

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