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Temper Tantrums


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Other half is trying to get me to stay in this weekend, wrapped up warm and eating chicken soup, because I have a nasty cold. I am barred from geocaching. It's also raining :lol:


I shall SULK!!!!


Whilst he out (trip to the chmists to buy more cold remedials) I am sneakily printing out a few nearby caches that I haven't done yet. <_<


Fingers crossed :lol:

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Explain to him that colds are viruses and not temperature dependant, in fact remaining indoors only increases his exposure to the viruses and your chances of becoming reinfected, starting the circle of exposure again.


Get out there and cache and get better, this is the perfect excuse. Just think, Eskimo's don't get colds.

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Alibags, if you have a cold, I mean a real cold :lol: don't let him catch it as you will be looking after him for the next two weeks with terminal FLU!! <_<


Well that's what I do when I've got a cold or is that terminal flu being a bloke :lol:


:D Can't go caching myself this weekend, have broken a finger nail and waiting for it to grow back B)



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My bathroom still needs decorating. I ripped out the old suite removed 20 square metres of old tiles, laid a new heated floor and plumbed in the new suite (inc jacuzzi bath, this bit with help from Himself) and then kind of ran out of steam... every weekend that I should be tiling I keep going out and caching. I will have to nag me some more. <_<


BTW, despite the cold, I went out and did 4 caches in the end. One on Saturday in the pouring rain and three yesterday. I would have gone for a fourth yesterday but I felt so grotty that I decided to come home and have a soak in a hot bath and a nice cup of tea.


In the end, Himself did not nag me as he has discovered EBay and spent 80% of the weekend glued to the PC furthering his evil EBay empire. <_<

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<_< hi all

theres only one thing better than going out caching and getting wet through on the outside and thats going out to a beer festival and getting wet through on the inside as well, went to Nott'm beer fest saturday and caching on sunday what an idlic life i lead <_<<_<<_< but when the wife starts to feel like a geocaching widow then its time to mend some bridges, i made her a member of camra so she can go to the beer festivals and i going to talk her into going caching with me soon.


BountyHunter1 <_<:lol:<_<

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you old romantic you, making her a member of camra! you know how to treat a woman!


still if she likes going to the festival then ideal.


fresh air good for you but only if you've got the bath fixed so you can have that long hot soak when you get home.


don't like caching in the rain but love it in the snow. can't wait. mind you we hardly get any here on the south coast. will have to plan a couple of trips for when there's some snow on the ground.

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