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Gpxsonar V1.3 Released


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What's new in the 1.3 release?


Bug Fix: The “Last Found” column is now correctly labeled “Last Log”.


New Feature: In field notes reports and cache page details, the cache waypoint now links back to the corresponding cache page on GC.com


New Feature: Added support for the new Earthcache type on GC.com


New Feature: Added an option to automatically name exported files after the name of the GPX file currently loaded.


New Feature: Added the ability to export waypoints in CSV format (“Name”, “Lat”, “Lon”)


New Feature: Added a “Total Field Notes” counter in the GPX File Info report to show how many field notes are currently in memory.


New Feature: Added the “Field Notes Cleaner” option under the Tools menu. This option will permanently purge the memory from all field notes. Use it CAREFULLY!


Change: renamed the “Field Notes” counter in the GPX File Info report to “Visible Field Notes”. This count refers to the count of field notes matching a cache listed in the GPX file currently opened.


Change: Travel Bug serial numbers can now be alphanumerical and as long as 15 characters. This is intended to support Jeep TBs.


Change: GC.com has changed the spelling of “Multi-Cache” to “Multi-cache” causing GpxSonar to not represent multi-cache icons properly in the main cache list. This is resolved.


Change: Removed “Surprise_Cache.gif” file from the WptTypes directory. This cache type never existed.


Change: Added “Unknown_(Mystery)_Cache.gif” file. Some older GPX files still seem to reference this cache type and cache pages were showing a missing icon when referencing it.


You can download GpxSonar here

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GpxSonar v1.3.1 released:


Bug Fix: version 1.3 was released with a bug in the management of the Travel Bugs in the field notes. The bug prevented any TB from being picked up from a cache. This problem is now resolved.


Change: the cache options menu was cleaned up from unnecessary cache viewing options.

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I have been using GpxSonar for about 6 months with my HP 2255 running PC 2003 and love it. I recently upgraded to the new version and is it my imagination, but has the font changed size to a bit larger? I seem to be having a problem squeezing in the information that I like to view without scrolling sideways. I like to have the cache name, then difficulty, terrain, distance and direction all in one view so I don't have to scroll. I have to cut off too much of the cache name to get it all in like it used to be. Is there a way to make the font smaller within the program or do I have to handle this in the operating system? Or am I out of luck? I only use my PDA for geocaching, so I'm a total knewbie there. I will say I was hugely impressed with HP customer support when I lost the large center input button out geocaching. It went out on a Wed. afternoon from near Seattle to Texas and I had it back with the OS updated and in my hands 2 days later. I can't imagine geocaching without my PDA. GpxSonar is a huge asset.

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