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  1. Is he logging finds on the caches at the same time he drops the TBs. I have seen a couple of people doing the same to a YJTB that I started out, but each eventually left it in a cache. Cache Well
  2. Jeremy, As 9Key stated in another topic on this subject, Selector from him at Texas Geocaching Association, already has a good list that have been requested. You might want to review it for any categories you think might have not thought of. I won't suggest the obvious, but I think they have all been used on cache pages here at one time or another. Thanks for working on this great addition to the listings. Cache Well
  3. It depends on your GPSr. If you have one of the sensor types with built in altimeter, altitude is barametric. If not, then it is determined using the GPS data string, just like determining location. Actually, the GPS calculates the spherical location, and bases the Lat, Long and altitude based on the datum. Cache Well
  4. Another Program that is a little more sophisticated than EasyGPS is the Geochacing Swiss Army Knife (GSAK). It is easy to use and has too many great features to list here. Check it out Here. It is a geocaching management tool, for managing GPX/Loc file information. Cache Well
  5. Why don't you just bookmark your PQ page or add it to your favorites? So simple and doesn't clutter up your "My Cache" page. Cache Well
  6. The Garmin Website has a viewer where you can check out the details of each of the maps. I suggest that you go take a look at areas you are interested in for each. I happen to like City Streets for the autorouting on my 76C. As I read the information on the Garmin site, Metroguide doesn't support this. Cache Well
  7. What is a unlock code? I have never been asked for one. If it's a code that is created when the software is installed could I not uninstall the program and then install it again so I could then use it on two more gps? I really wish knew more about software An "Unlock Code" is something you need to allow certain Mapsource products to be downloaded to a GPSr. It is tied to both the Mapsource Product and a specific GPSr. According to the Garmin Website, Metroguide 6 is a "Totally Unlocked" product, therefore you don't need the unlock codes required for some Garmin MapSource map products. When installing Metroguide, you did not see any reference to "Unlock Codes" as it was unnecessary. Cache Well
  8. No, you only need it one time to unlock the maps for a specific GPSr. After that you use it without going to the internet. Only if you want to unlock it for a second GPSr. Additionally, Metroguide only allows autorouting on the PC, then downloading to the GPSr, where City Select is compatable with autorouting that is done on certain GPSrs. Cache Well
  9. I checked out Metroguide and it is fully unlocked, so I don't imagine that it would prevent downloading to multiple GPSrs. But I think if you email them, they will tell you that what you desire would be a violation of the licensing agreement. If you download a map to someone else's GPSr, then how would you control it to ensure that you didn't violate the one user at a time clause. Cache Well
  10. I am not sure about Metroguide, but City Select has a two GPSr limit, and you have to unlock it for each GPSr. It checks the identity of the GPSr each time you try to download. I would imagine that you won't even be able to do it. Cache Well
  11. Some Additional Thoughts I don’t think that, given the delay is not longer that 3 or 4 weeks, this is a bad idea, as a TB owner, I would definitely like to have an email as to what’s going on. One thing I would like is that as you’re going about finding caches to collect the TBs do a drop and retrieve of the bugs that haven’t visited those caches. Additionally, if there are some specific instructions concerning pictures or visiting certain places or getting pictures, you might also attempt to do something to further those goals. Both of these things would advance the purposes of the TBs in your possession and make their owners more agreeable to you holding them. This is just MHO as a TB owner who likes to see any activity concerning the TBs. Thanks and Cache Well
  12. Travel Bugs are not trade Items, there is no reason to trade TBs. Any request to do this on a cache page goes against the purpose of the travel bug, which is to move from cache to cache. Once I realized that some hiders were making this condition on there cache page, I placed the following request on my Travel Bug instructions: I appreciate the desire to have TBs in a cache, but keeping them prisoner by imposing a trade requirement can cause someone that could really help a TB on it's mission from taking it, thereby defeating the purpose of the TB. Cache Well
  13. One thing I do on my Personal TB is to delete one of the two logs for each cache, usually the drop. This gives just TB log per cache. Cache Well
  14. Just a quick post to clairify my position, I have nothing against this method of caching. I think it a valid method. My question was just a philosophical one. Cache Well
  15. From the FAQ page. Nutin' about needing a GPS there. Also from the FAQ Page: "Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users." "GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. " "The GPS Stash Hunt, Global Positioning Stash hunt is interchangable. Geocaching has become the standard for the game, however. " What you quoted was the derrivation of the Word, Nutin' about how the game is played. Cache Well
  16. In another topic a cacher asked if anyother cachers did this and about there experiences. I didn't want to hijack his topic but do want to get some opinions on this subject. So the Question is: If you don't use a GPSr when our searching for a cache, is it really GEOCACHING? Cache Well
  17. Removed comment as, after thinking about it I didn't want to hijack this thread. Will start a new one. Cache Well
  18. You currently have to make two log entries when you do this, one on the cache page to log the find and drop the bug and one on the TB page to retrieve it. Actually this process creates three logs, one on the cache page, and two on the TB page. You can delete one of the two logs on the TB page without causing any problems and this will shorten up the TB Page. This is the way I handle my cache tracker TB. Hope this helps. Cache Well
  19. One thing about gpx files is they basically contain the whole cache page displayed on gc.com. The Garmin 76C does not really have enough display space to have all the information about the cache that I like to have with me when I go caching, therefore I use a Pocket PC based PDA with GPXSonar. I don't know anything about the Palm base PDA Geocaching Software but there similar programs. These allow you to see a version of the cache page in the field, including the hint. Combining GSAK, GPXSonar and my 76C has been a good setup for me. Hope this helps. Cache Well
  20. Concerning Zone Alarm, I am using Zone Alarm Pro and I have always had to go to the Privacy section and turn off Cookie Control to get automatic log in (remember me) to work. About the same time GC.com transition to the new servers, I had to upgrade my firewall to a new version. Since then, sometimes I now have to Turn Off (Allow All) Ad blocking to see a page. When this happens all I get is a blank background (Green or Blue) depending on what type of page I am looking at. I just live with the hassle of this. Hope This helps. Cache Well
  21. There is a third way, one that I use. When you Log a find, and when it comes up with the successful log screen (I forget exactly what is says, but it has a link to the Cache Page) click on the link to the cache page, then click on the download gpx file on the cache page. This downloads a file with your find listed. After completing the logging of you finds, just drag the folder where you saved all the new files into GSAK, making sure to check load folder on the options window. Now all you new finds should be updated along with the logs for you finds.l Cache Well
  22. I don't know about that, but if that's the case, just post a note with the picture, being sure to put the date you retreived it. Or add the picture to the note you write when you drop it. I don't understand why you can't edit either log you have created, they are both from today's date. I would ask in a separate topic on the Website forum asking about this problem. Cache Well
  23. Assuming you have the picture in JPG format, or when you get it in that format, Go to the TBs page and click on the "Edit This Log" on your log, When you get the the Edit Log page there should be a link for "Upload Image". Click this and it should be straight forward from there. Cache Well
  24. I guess I it must have been the first one I saved. I have used it so much it seems like a default. Cache Well
  25. Isn't the "UserSet" filter one of the default filters, or did I create it so long ago that I forgot about creating and saving it? Cache Well
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