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Had heavy flooding here in Delaware County, NY as well. I have made the rounds locally to check on the caches close to home. So far they all seem to have made it thru. The Schoolhouse was far enough away. Car Wash looks like it was OK from the road (unable to get in to it as yet due to heavy mud ). Covered Bridge Tour was far enough away. If I find any missing or drenched will notify the owners.

The Downsville area was hit pretty heavy. Won't be able to check the one near water there for a while.

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Central PA had alot of high water. Many folks are comparing this to Agnus...they always do. I had to temp archive 5 of my caches that were located near streams. I can't possibly think they are still there. I took care to put them above normal high water marks...but the rains of the last two storms were just ridiculus!


Out of 9 active caches I own...only four are currently available. ;) I will check them and replace them as soon as I get the water out of my living room (thats not a joke either).


Boy am I glad I dont own 200 caches! But I guess alot of them would be expendable if I did!



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I removed Norry Tourist Cashes 3 and 6 (both covered bridges). the Bridge at NTC was slowly being torn apart by the water. I hope that it survived the High Water.


those 2 of my caches that I was able to get to, but I have a few others near water's edge that I will have to check on as soon as the water level goes down.


Stand BY Me, River of Dreams, Just Because, I couldn't get to.


I will also check some of my other low level caches.....


everyone take care....

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Here is a link that shows some pictures of where I was mentioning. There are reports of trees slamming into the Washington Xing bridge which connects Titusville, NJ to Wash-Xing, PA and just shattering in two. The bridge has been closed indefinitly. There water that is shown flooding is about up to the canal path most of the way along it outside of the town.
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To keep this somewhat geocaching related this picture is of a park where I have a cache hidden. Twice this year, the river stole this cache. When I replaced the cache the second time, I moved it up to this level of the park, where I thought the only danger would be muggles. Well, it survived this attempt of the river to steal it, but just barely. This picture was taken, after the river had already went down a couple feet. The river crested just under 32 feet. I think it was still about 28 feet when this was taken. Normally, it's around 5 feet deep in this area. Those who have done the cache (Victory) likely remember looking well DOWN to the level of the river, or for those who did/attempted it in the old location, remember walking down a long flight of brick steps to get to the level of the river. Over the weekend, the river came up to the park. It was actually over the top of the concrete monument base, shown in the picture, there was silt there when I took the picture.


From the page where the picture is hosted, you can view my other pictures, to see 3 more pictures of the Lewistown area. All are taken within 1 mile of my house, and one was taken just 1 block away. Fortunately, I didn't get any water at my house from the flood, and only about 2 inches backed up into my basement during the heavy rains Friday that caused Saturday's flood.

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