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  1. This may have already been posted, not sure. Just found it today in a newspaper. The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is being promoted by placing 75 caches along the trail. If you find 10 caches in any one region you will receive a trackable coin for that region. To find all the information log on to this site: http://www.seawaytrail.com/geotrail.html
  2. I have been trying to see what travel bugs have been in a few caches and when I try to click on Travel Bug History nothing happens. Can't actually click it anymore. Anyone know what happened.
  3. There is no currently shipping street map product from Magellan compatible with any of the Triton series. You can use any version of MapSend Topo 3D or MapSend DirectRoute (both often available on eBay) to compile maps and save them on your hard drive. But you need to use VantagePoint (free download from Magellan) to add the maps to the Triton GPS. Some features of the MapSend software (autorouting, POI searches) won't work on the Triton even if you can get them loaded. Another "gotcha" here is that VP needs a pretty high-end video card and DirectX 9 with hardware acceleration to work reliably. Older PC, or a Mac running VMWare Fusion? Mixed results, from not running at all to running but with weird graphics artifacts. This is a shame, because the Triton is a "cool" product from a hacker's point of view. It's running Windows CE internally and there's a developer's mode in the unit if you want to play with the apps and the file system. Accurate, good reception too. But it's still not ready for prime time! I purchased the Triton on Tuesday of this week and returned it to Best Buy today. I found it to be very user unfriendly and when I did figure it out found that it wasn't really very good for geocaching. No user manual except on the cd which was also very vague on operation. I wouldn't recommend this unit for geocaching. I took my refund and went to Gander Mountain and bought a Garmin Etrex Vista H with an electronic compass. Much better unit and the price was same as Garmin website. Best Buys prices on the Garmin units was higher than the Garmin site and they carried only a select few models. Gander Mountain had larger variety of models.
  4. Given the state of the auto makers financial problems, I would doubt very much there will be any Jeep Travel Bugs in the near future.
  5. Given the state of the auto makers financial problems, I would doubt very much there will be any Jeep Travel Bugs in the near future.
  6. You took the words right out of my mouth. If you leave the little magnets attached to the piece of metal it is glued to you will have two pre-drilled holes you can use to screw the magnet to a container. These magnets are really strong and free if you can get hold of discarded computers.
  7. Just started to check out the new format. My only dislike so far is that I have to scroll left to right to see the whole page. Had to some on the last format but find this to be worse. Guess I will get used to it.
  8. Thanks for all the answers. Yes indeed I too have AVG free, so guess I'll have to do as everyone else has, uninstall and re-install. Thanks again.
  9. In the last couple days when I receive email notification that one of my travel bugs has been placed or that one of the items on my watch list has been logged, the email comes thru blank. There is nothing in the body of the email. Is anyone else having this problem? The weekly geocache newsletter seems to be working fine. Thanks for your help.
  10. Say can someone leave some free gas cards so I can continue caching????
  11. Got mine in the morning mail as well. Grabbed it and it's in my inventory all set to be placed this week. Check the Catskill Mountains for a cache near you and it may be there.
  12. I simply took the name of the town where I live. Nice little place with several geocaches nearby and a great palce to live.
  13. I asked this same question recently and received the following reply. According to another thread. the owner of LostOutdoors.com planned to close the site for good back in July 2004. Anything after that has been borrowed time, I guess.
  14. According to this thread. the owner of LostOutdoors.com planned to close the site for good back in July 2004. Anything after that has been borrowed time, I guess. Thanks Mopar for the update. I didn't know of that thread. To bad the site is gone, it was very useful and helped me a lot. Closing thread.
  15. Has anyone else experienced not being able to access the Lost Outdoors website? I have used it for a long time and recently went to access it and got a message that I have no permission to access this site on this server. Have they gone off line or do you need to join some site to get it?? Any help appreciated.
  16. We have just started seeking letterboxes as we have found all the caches within a reasonable distance from home. The price of gas has put a crimp in our caching activities unless we are combining it with a planned trip. It has also given us a chance to see how talented we are in carving our own stamp. We have never found a letterbox while caching.
  17. Signed up: April 10, 2004 First two finds: April 10, 2004 Third find: April 11, 2004 Had a great first year, but this year a lot less due to the high gas prices and the distance to the nearest caches we are able to do. Have a total of 113 finds and placed 1 cache of our own. Enjoy the sport a great deal and hope to continue for several years.
  18. http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/1672/arkville7ml.jpg[/img Just testing
  19. I'd like to trade two unactivated travel bug tags for 1 unactivated 2004 US Geocoin. Email me direct if you want to make a trade.
  20. I found my first 50-60 caches using the Magellan Blazer 12. It is a good unit and you should have no problems. The only drawback is that you can not enter more than 6 digits for the coordinates. For instance if you wanted to enter 42 05.090, you would only beable to enter 42 05.09. This will only put you off by a few feet so should be no problem. Give it a try and and good luck.
  21. I'm not a balloonist but a balloon enthusiast and make the Adirondack Balloon Fest every year in Glens Falls, NY, at the Warren County airport. After attending this years early Saturday morning lift off we did several caches in the area. There are quite a few caches in the Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, Lake George area and many are in very scenic spots. Check them out and be sure to attend next years Balloon Fest.
  22. You can download one from here: http://www.nwogeo.org/Downloads/d_op=viewd...ails/lid=8.html
  23. When I started my first TB's I too logged them in the cache I left them in. Since then I now log them in my own cache (which is close to home) and back out before actually placing them in a new cache. I do this for the same reason you speak of; to start the mileage close to home. As for logging in the ones you already have out, I'm not sure how that would work. Others with more experience may be able to help. I think you can correct the mileage by going to the bug page and click on a box that says 'recalculate distance". I've never tried it.
  24. I'm in for at least one. Let me know when.
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