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Where Can I Find Ammo Boxes?

Team Scho
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If you can come to Austin TX we're doing a massive group order, we'll be getting five to eight HUNDRED cans and offering them for less than $2 a can. Last year we got them for a buck apiece. Email lowracer (at) austin.rr.com with subject line AMMO CANS specifying how many you want. We will not ship. Don't even ask. You must pick up. We'll be holding a huge ammo can distribution event to hand them all out. The event is the fun part.

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I see you live practically around the corner from me. I periodically order my boxes from cheaperthandirt.com and will often order extra for area geocachers.

I have some left and if you need one or two, I can part with them. E-mail me and I can make arrangements to drop them off somewhere.


If you're looking for more than one or two I'll probably be ordering again over the next month or two, or of course, you can order on your own. However, because shipping is $7 if you order one or 20, I find it better to order in bulk to save some money.

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I have used Cheaper than Dirt and Ebay both. The last time I purchased from "Cheaper" they weren't in very good condition. One of the tops had to be forced closed and later I had to go out and replace it as cachers were having difficulty with it.


Watch out with ebay too. You will see cans going for $1 but the shipping can be pretty high. Make sure to look at shipping before bidding.


Although, it seems most people report great success with Cheaper. Maybe I just got an oddball or something. It happens.


I was also wondering about plastic ammo cans. Do they exist? And if so, are they as reliable? If they do exist, does anyone know where they can be purchased? I find the steel boxes can be a bit heavy when lugging them long distances in the woods in my pack.

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I've ordered a few times from cheaperthandirt.com and definitely recommend them.


The only downside is you'll automatically be put on all the survivalist's mailing lists (although in today's world - maybe that's not such a bad thing).


I've ordered several dozen (50cal and 30cal) - just washed 'em out - sanded them lightly (some were a little rusted in spots), and spray painted them to cover all the military markings and stenciled GEOCACHE on the sides.


Of course, a lot of them are still sitting in my basement - but they'll get hidden enventually. Good luck with cheaperthandirt.com.

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I was also wondering about plastic ammo cans. Do they exist? And if so, are they as reliable?

I've found two different caches using plastic ammo "cans". Both of them seem to have water problems and the latch on one is broken. From my sample size of two, I would NOT recomend them.


I've been playing with a few Costco nut jars. They are big square plastic bottles with a big wide-mouth threaded top that is very waterproof as per my tests (can't squeeze air out of them or get them to leak when submerged). Cheep if you like nuts anyway. Very light weight. We'll have to wait and see how they hold up over time.

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