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Multi-Caches; Do's and Don'ts?

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Originally posted by Prime Suspect:

Be sure to indicate on the cache page how many stages it has.


Not knowing is half the fun. If you choose not to list the number of stages, you might want to include on the page the total mileage of the roundtrip hike or the amount of time you would expect it to take the average cacher to complete the cache.


All of those things are optional; the best advice I can give you is to search for a few well-regarded multicaches before creating one.

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I'd say, no unnecessary backtracking and take them places interesting or challenging.


I don't think the number of stages are as important as how long it might take to do the cache. Some multis may be a short hike, but each stage is very difficult. conversely, a two-stager might have very long legs. No need to get specific; quick, couple of hours, half a day, or all day is fine in my book. That is if you want to even give a clue at all.





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I like to make my multi caches into loops with the actual cache near the beginning, or near a road. It makes maintenance a lot easier.


I'll often use the various stages to bring the searcher to interesting, or scenic areas, but the cache could be pretty much anywhere.


The interim stages can be quite small. Film canisters, Bison cylinders, etc... I like to use clear containers for the interim stages and have the coordinates to the next stage showing through, so the finders don't have to open the container.


Limit it to 3, or 4 stages. Anything more and you'll really cut down on people who will bother with it.


Expect your multi cache to get a lot fewer hits than a standard one. Many geocachers avoid multis, no matter how easy, because they only get credit for one find, even though they had to find 2, 3 or more stages.


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Here is my first ever cache, which ended up being a 5 stage multi.




When I was hiking and looking for spots to hide a cache, I kept finding more interesting spots to include, so it got a little out of control.


I have one stage that backtracks...Thats why I made it so there is an actual cache box with trading swag at each stage....People can choose to do the whole thing, or just half.


To do all 5 stages, it takes about 4hrs avg.


I think if I had it to do again, I would have broken it up into a 3 stage cache, and two singles.


But overall, I think its a good cache. The logs seem to reflect that also...


As you can see, the cache page has been viewed more than 300 times (I put the counter on a few months after submitting the cache), but only a handful of people have actually tried it.

It also took a few months before the first log.

I think its because I waited till mid Nov to place it. Earlier would have been better.

But then I see your in So Cal, so that might not matter much... icon_smile.gif


oh yeah....one stage is along a river bank, one is along a beaver pond, and another is in the middle of a swamp, so bug spray is a MUST. I was nice enough to leave a can in the first stage for those who forgot to bring any....


Little details like that seem to be appreciated.







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Double and triple check your coordinates for each stage. Then check that you transcribed the coordinates properly at each stage. One transposed number can really mess things up (trust me...I learned the hard way!).



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Not knowing how many stages at the onset is part of the fun for me, but I like getting a hint at the total during the hunt-"Congrats you are halfway there" kind of thing. And "you have found the final clue here are the co-ords to the actual ammo box" icon_redface.gificon_biggrin.gif really lift my skirt!

Be sure that your stages are not near any other micros though; that could really confuse the seekers. In fact to prevent this some admins are now asking for all of the stage co-ords up front. And oh yea-what Stunod says too!


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