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Who Would You Like To See As A Mod?

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Subigo wasn't mentioned even in Jest before KA said that someone had nailed it.


I can gurantee , It ain't me, and most of the rest have allready publicly declined.


That leaves Planet and a couple of other names, but Planet is my vote for who will actually get the job. She allready has moderating tendancies even without the title.

But was Subigo that someone's sock puppet?

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Two people who I would recommend as moderator are Mopar and Renegade Knight.


They don't have much in common, except what really matters: to explain and defend a position without provocations or causing offense, and very often (surprise!) convincingly.


Most other people (including myself), even when they try to do the same, just don't have that talent.


I also trust them to have enough integrity to put their strong opinions about certain issues aside, when moderating, or to step back from an issue when they think they're too personally involved.


My two cents.

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Mopar did something really spiteful to one of my cache pages.  I don't think someone like that should be a mod.

Actually this is from another thread. He posted a SBA on your cache page and you didn't like the gesture. That dosen't make him spiteful.


El Diablo

Let see.... I posted a public SBA note on a cache that was changed so it no longer met the guidelines it was approved under. No spite involved.


Since I personally know and have cached with the admin for your area, I could have just called him on the phone. Or shot him an email. Or mentioned it in IRC.

Any of those things and you would have never known who said something.


If I wanted to be spiteful, those would have all been better ways to be spiteful.

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The one person no one has mentioned would be Team 360. He can really maintain his cool in the most trying of issues, never belittles people or makes rude comments. And, on the plus side, he has just posted a thread that he is burnt-out on caching & this would give him a break ;)



Oh... wow, thanks. I needed that! :D

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