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  1. Ummm, yes I can. Watch. T R O L L. Who are you calling a troll? I somehow doubt Cache Agent is a troll, she is a premium member with no hides and no finds (under that account.) Kinda pointless to spend 30 bucks US just to troll.
  2. We'll have to see some proof. Anyways, welcome whoever you are. Which province do you hail from?
  3. tlg

    Dnf Email

    I had a DNF logged on my cache GCJZ4J the other day but I never received the standard email that I, as the owner, usually get. I only heard about the DNF while talking to the cacher on an unrelated matter. I posted a note this morning after dropping off a TB and the email notification arrived within minutes. Is it possible that the DNF did not arrive because the log consisted of nothing but a "."? I have received email from the other caches on my watch list. No one's logged a find on any of my caches so I can't say anything about email from those caches.
  4. Depends on what geocoin it was. If it was a canadian geocoin it won't show up on your inventory. I think USA geocoins and Moun10bike (sp?) coins are the only ones you'll see on you inventory. Edit: I think I spelt Moun10bike correctly this time.
  5. I can see this is going to be a productive thread. Is that what you mean? I've often been accused of having a bad attitude, hell, I'm often accused of being a bad attitude. But you know what? I'm not; it's your perception of my style that labels me as having a bad attitude, of being sarcastic and mean. That's the way I am and that's the way I'm going to be. If you don't like it, tough nuts. As for the 2 posts following the OP? Look in the mirror people.
  6. It does matter when one runs a PQ based on a minimum terrain level, eg in my case the only PQ I've ever had a use for was the one that listed all the T>=3. (And the travel bug PQ - but that's another story ). It's unfortunate that this thread had to turn into a cache specific thread; that was not my intent. It's unfortunate too that the chip on Co Admin's shoulder is preventing me from posting. Again, that's another story.
  7. Nice photoshop job on the avatar! Reply ver 1.1
  8. tlg

    14 Days Notice

    I've been holding onto a TB for 2 weeks now and I just noticed the, "*No activity in the last 14 days - Please drop off this travel bug in a new cache or contact the owner as a courtesy. If the Travel Bug has been lost, the owner can change the bug's status to an unknown location." note on 'My Cache Page'. That's kind of cool, I was expecting an email but I much prefer this less intrusive reminder, Best part of all, it's not in lime green.
  9. If you know the area you can speculate on the terrain; it's not rocket science. Isn't that the whole point of local reviewers? i.e they're local and they know what a 6000 ft mountain in the interior means? If you're building parking lots on the top of mountains you have my condolences. No wonder our kids can't breathe.
  10. They don't generally make open pit mines wheelchair accessible. You missed the point but thanks for dropping by. I'm not asking for excuses from the reviewers; just a little common sense.
  11. So there is no set guideline for setting the difficulty/terrain rating, just a gentle nudge over to clayjars for a nifty little applet to help you select the ones best suited for your cache. Would it be too much to ask a reviewer to give a cache hider a pointer or two when the terrain rating is obviously wrong? (Difficulty is basically subjective so I doubt there's anything to be done there until a few founds/DNF's are in). Case in point. This is from new cache in my area: What do you think the D/T for this cache is? Is it a 1/3? or a 1/4? No sirree bub, it's a whopping 1/1. That's right, a 1/1. Give your head a shake and scratch your behind! Seriously, is there some way we could get the reviewers to ask the cache hiders to change these obviously misleading ratings? I would miss a hide such as this in my PQ's; I just happened to see this one because I've been spending way too much time indoors lately.
  12. That's odd, the caches I own show up as a pale yellow for me. Edit: no need for me to include the image.
  13. Too many colors, too confusing. I agree, but since the 4 colours are already there, lets put them to good use.
  14. Well, I've been thinking. If we're going to be saddled with the green, let's make it mean something. How about this: we keep the yellow for caches 'owned' and the grey for caches 'found', but we use the white for caches 'not yet found' and the green for caches 'not yet found but temporarily disabled'?
  15. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=80263 That thread pretty much explains the situation.
  16. You can try navicache.com. Their rules are a bit more, ummmm, relaxed.
  17. Some one was kind enough to point that out to Jeremy yesterday and he promptly disabled it. Gotta give you some reason to fork over the cash.
  18. You can still list it on an other site; who knows, it might help to generate interest in the hobby for the locals. It was a refreshing change to see the civil dialogue between yourself and the approver; we don't usually hear the positive stories.
  19. Placing a vacation virtual isn't going to help the cache poor situation you find yourself in. Give it time and you should see some more caches popping up. If not, well, I guess you're SOL, but it still beats the heck out of living in the city.
  20. You're a funny little guy. I'm a customer here, it's not my place to provide solutions. If they wish to pay me, I'd gladly share my ideas. Until then, I'll continue to exercise my right as a consumer to complain when I'm forced to look at a colour that I find aesthetically displeasing. I would also suggest you go and reread (read even) the very first post in this thread before making comments like, "...who did nothing but complain...".
  21. Why would I use the 'whole thing' when my statement, "I can't remember the exact wording" was sufficient for the comment I was making. You may enjoy going through posts and cutting and pasting but if it's not necessary I don't bother. I still see lime green, so I'm guessing he wasn't happy after all. However, we did manage to get the yellow back on 'caches owned' so I guess sense -to some degree- prevailed. If it's not broken, don't fix it.
  22. I thought he did reply? It was something along the lines of, "tough nuts" or, "you'll get over it" or, "get a life". I can't remember the exact wording. Sorry.
  23. Way off topic, but I was once told that the word 'NEWS' was derived from the compass points. Sounds like a good story to me so I never bother to prove or rebuke it. It will be nice to run PQ's based on direction. I just hope it's implemented before my membership expires. Carry on...
  24. Ditto! It may even help to make the lime green a tad more tolerable.
  25. Take: Someone with you (if possible, esp. on your first hike) Leave: Detailed trip plan with somebody. Inc route, expected time back.
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