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Difficult Puzzle Caches

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I've never had any difficulty getting Mystery/Puzzle caches approved (or any other for that matter) so I can only say that I "approve of the approvers" ... but ... I have a question and I am looking for folks' opinions on this question. Now, maybe everyone will have a different opinion. Maybe if I stopped 10 geo-cachers in the streets and asked this question I'd get 10 different answers. Maybe, since I'm not as experienced as most of you, this question has an obvious answer. I dunno. Maybe I should stop beating around the bush .... Yipes! did I say Bush?


Anywho ... my question is, "How does geocaching.com view difficult puzzle cache series?". Are they frowned upon ... but approved anyway (as long as they meet all the guidelines)? Does geocaching.com prefer the 1 star easy to find ammo boxes with lots of "goodies" for the kids? Do they frown on these puzzle caches (and series to boot) that probably have a smaller audience of "finders"? Or, on the other hand, since adults would most likely be the ones trying to solve these puzzle caches and since adults are the buyers of stuff on the website, maybe geocaching.com likes them? I dunno ....


What's your opinion?

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I'm not sure what Groundspeak et al. thinks of difficult series, but there are a huge precentage of cachers that like them.


Cachers come in all flavors. Some like drive by caches, some like 5 mile hikes. Some like traditionals, some like hideous puzzles. Some like a little bit of everything.

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How about a nice definite maybe?


Personally I like a little challenge to the caches I hunt - requires a little thought. I have had some criticism on one of mine because it was too hard. I only gave it a 3. I was told by a couple experienced cachers that there are many who want the coords to be DEAD ON! and be able to walk up to it and see it laying there. They also expect the hints to total give-aways.


So, since I am first here I guess I can tell you that you can expect to see a mix. There are those who like puzzles and there are those who don't.


Like I said - how about a nice definite maybe.

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my opinion about whether or not gc.com likes them is irrelevant. i don't even think it's useful to HAVE an opinion about whether or not they like them, since they either like them or they don't.


it would make sense for me to have an opinion about whether or not I like them, and maybe for me to know what gc.com's opinion is. i figure if they don't like them they can simply tell us.

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I don't think this site has any preference for them one way or the other, nor do they worry about how hard or easy they are.


It's never come up in the forums other than the location of the fake coordinates.


Puzzle cache difficulty seems to be a non issue to the site. To the owner though the harder it is the less people who find it.

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Oui. I meant for everyone to comment on dis question. However; I guess that perhaps what I am REALLY asking is if it is just (at least) a little harder to get these difficult puzzle series caches approved than the good ole traditional? Let's assume that there are no "guidelines problems" (proximity, RR tracks, trespassing, National Park, etc.)

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I think I've got 4 puzzle caches. I didn't have any problems getting them approved, providing that I had given the answers in the note to the reviewer.


As far as approving goes, I dont think the approvers are concerned with the style of cache as much as with whether the cache meets the approval guidelines. After all, they are voluteering to get the caches approved, and not to influence them with their own personal opinions.

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I've never had a problem getting a tricky puzzle cache approved. IF TPTB frowned upon them, odds are it would be more difficult to get a tough puzzle cache approved. :o


Personally, I love the challenge of figuring out a really nasty puzzle every now and again, though I'd probably throw in the towel if those were theo nly things out there.

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There are so many answers to the following statement:


"I don't particularly care for _________ type of caches."


fill in (locationless, virtual, benchmark, puzzle, lame urban micro, etc.) as you please


And yes, there is a certain segment of geocachers who hate puzzle caches. This is why I am grateful that the current convention is to place all puzzle caches in the "Unknown/Mystery category." Certainly this is not a 100% hard and fast rule, for I have seen puzzles placed in the traditional category, and things in the Mystery section that aren't puzzles. I


I, for one, would love to see the creation of a more specific category and icon for puzzle caches ... a jigsaw puzzle piece would be great. Maybe a Rubik's cube. :o


Does everyone like 'em? Of course not. On the other hand, there are those that are rabid for 'em. [guilty]


I've never a single problem getting one approved. I usually will tell the approver something along the lines of "The false coordinates are here. The final location of the cache is here. If you need details regarding the puzzle I will gladly share them with you." Never had any issues in placement yet.


Puzzle cache creators can take a lot of flak, because we invariably get flooded with hint requests. 99% of the time these are well-intentioned, but I've gotten a couple of rude ones that demand I tell them the answer. Yeah, right pal. If I told you the answer it wouldn't be a puzzle cache, now would it?


To me there is nothing more satisfying than solving a puzzle cache that has been staring me in the face for months on end. Your mileage may vary.


The old cliche applies : If you don't like 'em, don't do 'em. There will invariably be another cache up the road that's more your cup of tea.


--Dave, The Cow Spots

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Cowspots Dave, your nose is growing and your pants are on fire. This statement is the problem:


To me there is nothing more satisfying than solving a puzzle cache that has been staring me in the face for months on end.


Simple enough to fix: Delete "months" and insert "hours." :o

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I was worried that my puzzle for "Lost in Seattle" was too obtuse. Should not have worried. FTF was in 48 hours after placing it. That includes the time it took the approvers to approve it (about 3-4 hours if I remember correctly).


I don't think they really have an opinion one way or the other. If the cache looks like it had some thought put into it, whether or not it is a hard puzzle, the better.


The GC community needs a wide spectrum. I think that is more important to TPTB than whether they conform to some narrow niche.

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