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  1. I have one of the original Compaq IPAC 3670 PDAs (65 Mbytes RAM). Had it before my brother introduced me to Geocaching. Had also picked up a Transplant GPSr CF Card that plugs into the PDA (dual slot expansion pack with extra battery). This worked great with GPxSonar and GPSTuner -- until I purchased Mapopolis! Then I had to add the 1 Gbyte CF memory card and it still won't get the entire US even when zipped (and who wants to wait while the PPC unzips a file). GPxSonar will give me the web pages based on the GPX Pocket Queries. GPSTuner will let me do the close in work while Mapopolis will get me within walking distance. But, since you already have the GPS, you might be able to run two memory cards in a Pocket PC <<grin>>. Bring a zip bag (gallon size) along for when it rains. I was caught out once without it and thought I'd lost the unit when it started acting strange and then shut down.
  2. I have to have my access card and employee ID clipped to my belt when at work. I have gotten into the habit of having the bus pass attached to the back. This usually stays attached when I'm hunting for caches over the lunch hour or just after work. Ended up walking through some police activity one lunch hour. My eyes were on the GPS and an occasionaly glance to ensure I'm still on the sidewalk. Just as I made it through it dawned on me that the I neede to go the other direction. As I turned I took in all that police activity and decided that I wasn't going to march back through that! Looks like a couple of the "guards" had stepped aside to let me through. Just recently a cacher emailed me that they had taken one of my caches with them as a bunch of muggles had decended into the area while they were signing the log. They waited but the muggles waited longer. He came back a couple of days later to put it back.
  3. KG7JE


    Nope. Showers don't count as rain in this state. We also occasionally get weather forcasts for "scatter sunshine". However, going home two nights ago was a real drag. First day we'd had sunshine in about a week. Folks forgot how to drive when the roads are dry and this orange thing is hanging in the sky. Don't worry, when the two days of rain ("the weekend") arrive it will be another slow day since the roads will be wet. Found a micro the other day attached to the bottom of a "Pay Here" sign for the new parking meters. Now I just have to catch the DOT camara pointing south to claim the find.
  4. The combination I have will do the average automatically (GPS Tuner on my PPC). I can watch the scatter diagram as it is taking the readings. My conclusion is simple, if the dots are jumping all over the place with some of them 20-30 feet away from others then it doesn't really matter what number you pick. The average is as likely to be 20-30 feet off as any of the other points. On the other hand, if all 100 points are within a 3 foot circle then the average is likely to be as close as any single other point. So, do what is easiest for you. But be aware that if the numbers are jumping a lot, then they might will be doing the same for the hunter that follows you. My tightest scatter diagrams happen with the unit is using 6-8 sats and has a couple of others that it sees. Perhaps WAAS is also active.
  5. I had an IPAQ 3670 before starting with Geocaching. Then added a dual CF slot sleeve (with extra battery) for a future memory card and GPS unit. Started out using a network card around the house but prefer the desktop for network access. Picked up a GPS unit for flying, driving, etc. So, I was pretty much set when my brother exposed me to Geocaching. Just added some software, Mapopolis, GPX Sonar, and GPS Tuner (finally had to buy that 1 Gig memory card). It does not like being out in the rain. However, a good ziplock bag will take care of that problem. It doesn't much matter which capable unit you pick. Just get one. If that doesn't work as well as you want then move up and sell your initial unit. It is like sailing. You start with the 27' then move to the 30'. Reallize that 36' is what you need and finally move on up to 42' or bigger. Some folks jump right from the 27' to the 42'. Others start with the 42' and move up from there. Probably better to ask about which units don't work well. As for my unit, it has been called an "antique". It will not upgrade past PPC 2002 (which makes the newer version of GPX Sonar unusable to me). Someday I will upgrade.
  6. I have one that folks insist on putting where the water collects. There is a nice spot within inches that drains well and is well hidden. Do folks put it back there? Nope, I always find it stuck into the water. <<sigh>>
  7. Lost in Seattle is disabled and will be archived.
  8. KG7JE

    2 Weeks Notice

    I went back over the noon hour the other day to look around. Just too much construction going on now. The Parks Department came back and trimmed the rest of the row between the time I discovered it missing and my noon hour observation. Most of those that made the waypoint plotting figured out that there were only two of the eight possible points that needed to be searched. The others were either in the middle of the street (Big Grin) or the middle of the ball field (might tough to causually sign the log in the middle of a game). I did check out the "other" waypoint and found a small "cave". But it was too deep and right on the main sidewalk. It was also very close to the sitting area that always seems to be occupied by those who have nothing better to do than observing folks walking past. It was fun while it lasted. If somebody who lives in the area wants to pick up after I archive the cache -- well, it'll be fair game. First person to figure out how to hide something in the park can do their thing. But you might want to wait as the construction appears to be moving further south. --KG7JE
  9. I picked up a Transplant GPSr for the CF slot in my IPAQ. It has WAAS turned on automatically. I understand there is a newer version out that uses even less of the battary. I did walk around Toronto for about 6 hours with the GPS unit running before having to recharge. Now, the sleeve for the IPAQ (NexiPak -- I have a 3670) also had a battary. Then I used Mapopolis (sp?) for the routing voice instructions, GPx Sonar for the cache tracking (paperless) and GPS Tuner for the in close work. --KG7JE (oh, and PocketFMS for the airplane when I pilot -- make a nice backup should the panel take a vacation).
  10. KG7JE

    2 Weeks Notice

    Muggled It was my best Pelican case. Oh well, I knew when the Parks Department clipped all the foilage that I should have picked it up and moved it. But there is not a good place to move it. Now it is gone. There are at least two folks still working the puzzle out. So, for those who have found (and confirm with me) the A, B, C, and D numbers then we'll let then sign. But only 2 weeks -- then it will be archived. --KG7JE
  11. Live in Auburn, Work in Seattle -- within a couple hundred feet of Freeway Park Cache. Using an IPAQ PPC with Nexipak sleeve and Transplant GPS. Work has kept me so busy the last few months that my caching skills have atrophied. Be good to have something push me back out on the noon hours.
  12. Depends on how many satellites where visible to the unit. I've had times when only 3 satellites were available (location jumped around a lot 100+ foot circle while standing still) and other times when 7 were locked on (still jumped around but all in a 2 foot circle). Under trees seems to degrade the signal and up against a tall building or cliff will definitely cut down on the "stability".
  13. Mopar, Thanks for the kind words about VM. Of the caches we have placed, that one brings the best comments.
  14. I have one cache hidden in a park that was found by a park worker (they trimmed the shrubs above the cache!!!). They traded up by taking nothing and leaving a multi-purpose tool.
  15. Not finding a cache, especially a micro, is a normal occurance for everybody. I found an ammon can cache once. Took me three tries and about 9 hours of searching. Later I went back to trade some Travel Bugs and couldn't find it!!! But the next day some folks did so I know it is still there. <<sigh>>
  16. Does this mean you are abandoning downtown? You will still have you bike and be able to ride over to Capital Hill? edit: I can't spell -- so what else did I get wrong?
  17. I have an antique (that's what an official at HP called it) IPAQ 3670 running PocketPC 2002. Using the older version of GPxSonar with latest version of GPSTuner. Did have the demo version of Mapopolis and would pay for the maps if I really felt I neede them. GPSTuner is getting data from a CF card (Transplant GPSr) in a dual slotted sleeve. It is a bit slow when I have to fire up GPxSonare with GPSTuner also running.
  18. I have an IPAQ 3670 (ancient beast) with a Transplant CF GPSr plugged into a dual slot sleeve NexiPak. That's the hardware. Software is GPSTuner for hunting down the cache, GPxSonar for the cache pages and Mapopolis when I need the streets laid out.
  19. And the hints usually only obscure the information more. I really like the hide that says "middle of three things alike". Yup. It was. But there were dozens of three things alike all within the allowed margin of error. The one that had me going for a couple of trips was (paraphrasing slightly) "from on top of the concrete mound you can clearly see the container". So I stood up there and searched the entire inside of the covered shelter. Nadda. They were right about seeing the container though. But, I could also see it very well from just about everyplace in the park!!!! Oh, and did anybody mention the pop-up sprinkler head that always stayed up.
  20. Well, I could see a case... In fact, it almost happened to me. There was this abandoned cache that needed maitenance. Somebody found it and one that I was already maintaining for a 3rd party. They emailed me that this same 3rd paty had this other cache and could I work with the owner to maintain it. Turned out the owner wanted to pass ownership to me. I had to go find the cache in order to fix it up and take ownership. Ended up archiving it and setting a new cache in the same area. But, I did log the other one as a find. I had to find it!!! Now, should I as the new owner not log a find since I was not the one to hide it? This get's really complex real quick. Now, for the few other caches that I own, no. Wouldn't dream of logging them as a find. Oops. Forgot the first cache I found -- the one I was maintaining for the 3rd party. I own that cache now also. Maybe I should go back and remove my find. Wouldn't want to newbies to get the wrong idea.
  21. Actually, I'm wondering if a SBA is appropriate. <<evil grin>> Obviously if you have to log a DNF on a locationless cache, then the cache must be missing. Ergo, it should be archived. Unless the owner can physically show that it was really present.
  22. Used to run dune buggies around Calif/Ariz border. Had two boltd down to the front with tools and other items. Caught the wife sticking water bottles in 'em also. Extra lamp bulbs for the tip of the whip. Had them wrapped in bubble wrap.
  23. Some of that may be that your machine has cached the cache page in it's cache. Hmm. What I meant to say is that a lot of browsers keep a local copy of the web page and age it out only after a few hours or days. Your browser may not have gotten the most current page from the Web site. In the early days some internet providers would also cache pages on their local machines to provide "more responsive" service. If you are running IE, then change it to always check for a new page on every access. Click on TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS. Be sure the GENERAL tab is active. Look for the area about Temporary Internet Files and click on the SETTINGS button. Then be sure that the section "Check for newer versions of stored pages" is set to "Every visit to the page". You might also want to lower the amount of disk space that IE can use to store temporary files. Milage with other browsers may vary. Edit note: Can't spell and other word smithing.
  24. I work downtown Seattle if you want something to be "from" the area (and live in Auburn). Hmm, I even know a multi that's down by the Green River (don't know if it would be big enough though -- depends on the size of the TB).
  25. Then you throw in cache pages, database writers, log readers, buffer areas and -- ooops. Got work and play confused again..... <<sigh>> not enough play happening right now.
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