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Possible Theme Caches

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Over in this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=74761, I got this idea. If different occupations spawned theme caches, what would they be like? Now the obvious first thought is the Plumbers' cache: It would be a large piece of 4" cast iron drain pipe, and would contain plungers, Draino, and a little turd t.b....but just imagine the location of this cache! In an unsavory area of FLUSHING, NY.

So, this is on-topic...isn't it? What can you imagine?

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How about a pack a day smoker who delivered tobacco and related products for a living. He creates a cache filled with cigarette logo stuff found in the Marlboro or Camel catalogues, and hides it in an abandonded plant smokestack in Winston-Salem, NC? :blink:

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Interesting that you capped on my idea - fun stuff - but a plummer's cache? sounds pretty crappy to me. sorry 'bout that - couldn't resist. Can I say that here?

It really wasn't based on an older occupation - just an idea because of a whole wall of stuff at the $$ store - having been a chef was rather coincidental to the idea.


Here's one for you - what would a President (US - as in Bush) put in an occupational cache? I'll let you chew on that one.



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How about an electrician placing a mini-cache in an electrical box in Watts. Put a couple fuses and wire nuts in it just for a couple small trade items.


Or a car mechanic using a toolbox for the box, filled with wrenches, etc. for trade items, and putting it in Plymouth, WI (or Plymouth, MA).


A dance instructor placing one in Charleston.

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Plumber could place one in Drain, Oregon. :blink:


Cornel Sanders could place one in Chicken, Alaska.


Matt Goring could place one in Homer, Alaska. (Simpsons creator)


Someone with a dull job could place one in Boring, Oregon.

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Perhaps a pot-growing cacher could hide a cache at their farm in Weed, California...




And maybe make it a "multi-cache", with this second stage...




And, I don't even want to think about what a cacher could hide here:







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Mortician places a giant-sized cache in a coffin in Death Valley. Of course, he would have to get an exemption from gc.com so he could bury it!

Am I weird? I like this one - but inside the big funny-looking ammo box would be?

A skeleton key, a toe truck, an eye hook,.....


How about a health nurse hiding a first aid kit cache in Needles CA?

Like this one a lot too. :lol::blink:

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Hey, I like this thread! biggrin.gif  But I think I would go broke. I work in the jewelry industry. I'd have to hide a bunch of gemstones on Diamond Peak in Oregon.

Or in Hawaii on Diamond Head

You could team up with a Ringling Circus Clown and have a Diamond Ring Cache.

There has to be a Ruby City somewhere? Or team up with the Wizard of Oz in Emerald City. Contents: a can of oil, a heart, a brain, 50' of nerve....

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hm... kinda milking off the plumber's theme... you could hide one in bath, ny... or would some occupation fit better? i cant think of anything else... except, maybe interior design... i mean, they'd probably work with anything home-y, like, [makingup]sofa, indiana.[/makingup]

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