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Waterproof & Tough


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Magellan Meridians are not only waterproof and tough, they float. Mine took a fall off the jeep at 30MPH bounced on the pavement and only scuffed the armor rubber. It also took a dunking in a river with my camera... the camera still gives me fits, the MeriPlat was unscathed.

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I'm looking to buy a GPS unit that is simple, waterproof, and tough. Which ones do you folks know of that are waterproof?

All most all of them are waterproof. Simple is a matter of opinion but for the most part they are similar. What do you mean by tough? Most of them will survive a drop or impact. The most fragile part of all of them being the screen. The meridian line has a slightly resessed screen which some claim help protect it.

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I think most are waterproof. As far as tough, my Vista survived a fall off the roof of my CRV when I accidently left it up there and my Legend survived my dropping a boulder on it (by accident of course) with only a scratched screen.


As far as easy to use, its hard to beat the eTrex line.

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I would consider my Garmin 72 to be simple, waterproof, and tough. I wish that I would have purchased the Garmin 76 instead since it adds an external antenna connector. I routinely use my Garmin 72 on my sea kayak to track distance/speed. When I use it in salt water I rinse the entire thing in fresh water at the end of my kayaking. I have dropped it a few times and it has survived with only blemishes. I plan on purchasing the new Garmin 76C for the auto-routing and map functions. I will keep the 72 for my kayak.

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GPS 72, GPS 76, GPS 76s, GPSMAP 76, GPSMAP 76s, GPSMAP 76c, GPSMAP 76cs


The body style are all the same, difference is just the guts. I had a 72 and just got my new 76CS. I've dropped my 72 from 10 ft (on accident) and it was fine.


They float even though I'm not brave enough to dunk them just for science!! :o

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Has anybody had trouble with the battery cover on their Meridians? I looked at a Meridian in WalMart yesterday and I wasn't able to get the battery cover back on to where it looked very waterproof. I could almost see inside the battery compartment even!


That problem, if it wasn't user error :o immediately eliminates the Meridian line for me because I can guarantee that everything I carry will get wet, much of it submerged as I wade through a stream/river/etc. Even though the SporTrak series battery compartment is a royal pain to get open, I'm much more confident in it's waterproofness.


Can anyone tell me I'm wrong on my assessment of the Meridians? I'd like to be because I like the removable memory over the SporTraks.

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