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  1. The 76cs is water tight & floats. I tested out the floating part in a creek. I guess I can see everyones reasoning except leatherman's...that's just crazy. Do you have a favorite, leatherman?
  2. I have the 76cs but it is the same firmware I'd imagine.... Main Menu ...Setup ...Display ...Backlight level Press the power button until the level you want to adjust is displayed. Then alter the level by using the rocker key. The change should be permanent.
  3. What if the 1st geek has 3 GPSr's? I just didn't realize that so many (5 so far) had a backup.... It just seemed as though everyone mentioning a backup had a Magellan. Being relatively young I have not as much to spend on additional GPSr's (I'm lucky that my wife didn't fuss too much about me getting my new 76cs ). I guess I don't venture too far from home, relatively.
  4. Do you load the waypoints into both GPS untis? Do you pull out your back up and mark you car's location before you leave? I'm still not falling the getting lost bit. Where are you guys going where a non-mapping GPS would help you get out?
  5. I keep reading in the forums about people having backup GPS units. Do you have that many problems with your main unit that you NEED a backup GPS? ....Or is it that you are that addicted to geocaching that you can't spare the time if its broken? I just bought a garmin 76CS and I sold my 72 on Ebay. I really don't see a need to have a backup but was just wondering why everyone seems to have one. Is this just a Magellan issue or do Garmin owners have backups?
  6. Yes it's been there. I have a 76CS and whil eit had 3.40 in it I entered "Wal" and got all of the Walmarts between Richmond and Roanoke. (I'm between those too in Lynchburg). My only complaint was that they were not in the order of the closest. I didn't try to see if I could change it as I was driving at the time and just wanted to see how the auto-routing would work. (it was new at the time)
  7. Yeah I've been disappointed with all of the WAAS stuff too. I live in central VA and would have thought that since I live within 500 miles of the coast line that the WAAS would make things better. nope I'd look at getting some sort of car mount. Garmin's friction mount is nice because you can transfer it between cars and it can go on your dash. There is a RAM mount too, but I'm not too familiar with it. I think that you can use the RAM mount in multple places, ie same mount for the car and a bike) Be careful while driving....
  8. No everything works else should work the same and I'm sure that if I'm wrong someone else would pop in and correct me. As far as tracks and such turning off. I'm positive that that doesn't happen. Also it's good to note that the GPS won't "slip into" battery-saver mode. It's something that you have to tell it to be in that mode. On the accuracy issue, it really depends on where you are as to whether the WAAS will help you at all. Here is a good site that explains a lot about WAAS http://www.gpsinformation.net/waasgps.htm
  9. The "demo" mode is generally with the GPS not looking for satelittes. It just simulates that it knows where it is. You don't want to use this unless you are typing in waypoints indoors or something like that. It does use less batteries since the satelitte receivers are bypassed This is generally a good mode to be in while actively using your gps. Some things are bypassed such as WAAS and any sensors liek electronic compass or altimeter. I'm not sure if the Legend has the latter two but it does have WAAS. I'd recommend trying the GPS without the external antenna before buying one. I've not had too much trouble getting a signal almost anywhere. There are specific applications that one would be useful but since you are starting out and just bought a GPS just because, I'd hold off until you need it. Good luck with the hunts this weekend!!
  10. There is also a GPS 76 (note no MAP) differences: 500 not 1000 waypoints 1 MB for memory (no maps) B&W screen 2048 (not 10k) tracking points cheaper than GPSMAP 76 by ~ $100
  11. The only thing that I've noticed about poor reception is right at startup...Once it locks on to the minimum # of satelittes the accuracy is ~150ft, but I've noticed that it settles down to ~ 15-25ft.
  12. There doesn't seem to be too much in the new revision for English speaking owners of an auto-routing GPSr. Oh well. It's still a great program from what I've used it for.
  13. Beta Version 3.41 is on Garmin's website. Try it out here Remember this
  14. What is the difference between the RAM mounts and Garmin's mount? I bought the Garmin's Autonav kit and the bike mount and their mounts seemed very nice. GPSDiscount.com had them for cheaper then the equivalent RAM mounts. (not by much though)
  15. I would be more concern if rugged is a requirement of the antennae protruding out from the main body. The 76 is very rugged. I've dropped my 72 (similar body style) from 10 ft up onto a hard packed path with no scratches and/or side affects.
  16. I guess a lot of how they feel depend on how you hold a GPS. If you hold it in the palm of you hand your thumb is up by the buttons on top of the 76cs, but you would have to move your thumb across the screen for the 60CS If you hold it on your 4 (or 5 for our 6-fingured friends ) then your thumb would be closer to the bottom and then the 60CS would be a better feel, and you would have to move your thumb across the screen for the 76cs. Personally, I hold the gps in my palm and everything works fine for the 76CS. It does feel a bit bigger than my Dad's 60CS but my first one was the 72 (same body style as the 76CS) so I guess I got used to the way the "larger" GPS felt. By the way, how much more memory does the 76cs have compared to the 60cs? Well my Dad came up from SC to visit me in VA. He could only load around the Charleston, SC area, Lynchburg, VA area and a straight line path between the two but only half of Charlotte, NC. My 76CS will hold ALL of VA, NC, and SC.
  17. Is this part of the sport to see how fast you can go and drop your gps? Seems as useful as Cheese Racing. I wonder if we could get an gps dropped out of an airplane....
  18. GPS 72, GPS 76, GPS 76s, GPSMAP 76, GPSMAP 76s, GPSMAP 76c, GPSMAP 76cs The body style are all the same, difference is just the guts. I had a 72 and just got my new 76CS. I've dropped my 72 from 10 ft (on accident) and it was fine. They float even though I'm not brave enough to dunk them just for science!!
  19. I've had 3 and 4 GPSr's reading the same measurements and all of them were off of the real coordinates. I've also had the same GPSr's read differnt readings. The inaccuracies could be off in different directions. Not necessarily. The "accuracy circle" is just that a circle. Point A in your above scenario could be 20 ft off to the North and point B could be off the same 20 ft to the South. Therefore in this case you'd be 40 ft. off even the the accuracies are the "same". You should try triangulating the point by walking away from the desired loactions area and looking at the bearing and distance. do this for 3 or 4 different directions and then all of those points should cross each other within a reasonable distance. See Markwell's FAQ on Triangulation.
  20. Have you tried to make different track logs different colors. woohoo!! I really like that aspect. I'm trying to get (from a friend) the tracklog of a local bike trail system. It gets confusing while you are in there and if you need to get out sometimes you could get lost. But with 20 saved tracks and 16 different colors, I could color each trail a different color and all of the trail-heads say black and then I'll have a nice little map of the area.
  21. I saw the thread about ONLY 60cs questions so I was wanting to start one about the 76cs or 76c. I'm just loving my 76cs. There are a few things in the maps that aren't exactly right but I guess that is to be expected. One concern that I do have is the "accuracy". When it first locks onto 3 satelites, the accuracy is ~115ft. but as more sats come on board, the accuracy diminishes greatly down to 19 or 20 ft. The multi color satelite option is great too, if your interested in what the satelites are doing.
  22. Is there a reason why? Do they have a potential to contain viruses? Too big? no big deal, but just curious.
  23. <beat horse=dead> Use the stupid Pocket Queries. They will do exactly what you are asking for. You can set them up to run every day or only once a week. or anywhere in between. gc.com is free....not willing to try something new apparently is too. </beat>
  24. Someone had posted a tracklog to some trails at a local park on this cache page and now that I have my new 76CS I'd like to be able to see them. But alas, something is amiss with the *.mps file that is attached there. Is GC.com no longer allowing upload/download of *.mps files? If someone else can get to it can you post it here?
  25. Holy cow!!! I can get all of SC, NC, & VA into my GPS. That's a lot of stuff. I'm glad I went with the 76 instead of the 60....
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