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Oldest N Y & N J Caches (placed In 2000)


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I'm sitting around bored tonight and decided to do some research. According to PQs, here are the oldest active caches remaining in New York & New Jersey:


NY: 7 total


The Spot:



Sleepy Hollow-1:



Boston Cache:



Turkey Cache:



Stanley Cache:



Tea Party Cache: disabled



Hudson's Folly:



NJ: there's only 1 left that was placed in 2000


Gerbil Cache:



Which one's have you found??????

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It's interesting that owner of the oldest cache in NY, GPSfool,  doesn't have any finds logged on the site.

He has no forum posts, either.


I met him a couple of months ago, while I was checking on a couple of area caches. Gave him coords for one of mine that he didnt have a sheet for....He logged an amazing number of caches that day, given the area and the caches.


He logs under a different account ID.


He is still pretty active. Only has 113 finds, with 3 caches hidden under his other ID.

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I just logged The Spot today. :lol:

Chose it as my 100th find!


Turns out that this one seems to be the FIRST EVER geocache placed east of the Mississippi!


What an awesome area...I guess the logbook had to be replaced at one point back in 2001, but that is still the current one there... :)


Was cool reading logs from newbies logging their relatively first finds ever, and recognizing the names as some of WNY's most experienced cachers... :lol:


Its too bad about the NY DEC policy.... I had an idea about this cache, but I dont think its possible.. :)

Oh well...

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Not only is The Spot the oldest cache in New York State and east if the Mississippi River but..... it is among the oldest active caches anywhere in the world.

I can't figure out an efficient search method using the PQ's (if someone knows how, I'd be interested to know), but by entering waypoints manually I'd guess that it's in the top 10.

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Well, it looks like from data I gathered, that as of Oct 2001, The Spot was the 6th oldest cache IN THE WORLD, that was still ACTIVE......


And it STILL is today...


Is there any way to run a PQ that includes ALL caches?

Including archived?


Here's a list I resorted: Oldest Caches Still Active As Of Oct 2001


And here is a bad aerial shot of the area that The Spot is in...

The cache is roughly located at the red dot on the side of the gorge at the right of the pic.



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