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Thanks To Cache-tech And Cache-advance


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It struck me today that those hard working guys ( or gals ) that moderate our groups, approve our caches and see that we play fair don't get a lot of thanks for their efforts. We congratulate each other on our 100th find, cool cache, or neat containers. So lets give them a little thanks for what they do. :lol:


Thanks people , we do appreciate all the work you do!

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I know that both of them have had to wade through lots of stuff from me, more so Cache Tech of late.


I do appreciate the efforts you make to keep me within the limits and yet allowing me to stretch the bubble when I push really hard.


Thanks to both of you.


Now.... about that Virtual Cache......


I'm kidding!


B) The Blue Quasar

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I can't believe the number of caches that have been coming out lately! Wow, and you have a day job too Cache-Tech?


My heart-felt thanks go out to you and Cache-Advance (never had the pleasure of any interaction, but thanks anyway) for all your hard work. I've worked with volunteers over the years and I know the motivation can drop to a low point sometimes. You are a very valuable part of our lives and I just want to say

BRAVO to you

for all your time spent approving rather than caching!

I don't know how you do it!

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