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Mine came away on the Yellow Etrax and it was not waterproof any more. I sent it back to Garmin they repaired it free of charge ,even though it was over a year old. They seem to have a better glue now it has been fine since. However the same thing has happened to my Vista and will send it back in due course.

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Caching in Texas in 105 degree heat turned my Vista isto a sticky mess when the glue holding the rubber on melted.


I could do with a new rubber nipple thing on it too as that wore down some time ago. I reckon they have to take the thing apart to do that, so they will have to re-glue the rubber when they put it back together. Two jobs in one.


I can live with a three week turnaround as I've got a new 60CS now and the Vista is just a spare. :huh::huh:

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Drive on up to Romsey, Can only be about two hours from your area and they will fix it whilst you wait.


I can supply the co-ordinates if you want them :o

Hi Mike,


I'm heading to Romsey on Thursday, gonna pick off a few caches on the way, get the GPSr fixed while I wait, and then cache on the way home too.


I'd appreciate the co-ords if you don't mind?


Thanks for the idea!


Stuey ;)

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Well, what can I say? Superb service. No charge for replacing the rubber round the edge. It was apparently a revised type of glue that they now use, due to problems with earlier Venture's getting tacky glue (I guess all the eTrex's were the same).


I was in the reception area of the Garmin repair centre for less than 5 minutes, and came away with a fixed GPSr.


Fantasic..... and I managed to pop down to Maplin's and get a cheap 5" TV, and do 6 caches with wife and doggy. A great day out (did 200 miles mind you! hehe).

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