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Just Making Introduction!

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Howdy! I am new to the sport/hobby/obsession, and to these boards, so I just wanted to make introductions. I live in North Georgia, and my husbadn and I had our first geocaching experience this weekend. We found 4, looked for one more, only to realize we had to wrong chords, and by the time we found the right ones, it was pouring!




Just wanted to say hi!

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RUN!! Run away as fast as you can!! Your "free time" as you know it will never be the same! If you can't run then welcome.  <_<  :lol:

It's an addiction all right!! The wife (Fitzette) and I are planning our hunts weeks in advance. Anytime somebody asks us to do something on the weekends, we laugh and tell them that we're caching. I do have to say that after the initial gear investment, the quality of the time that we get to spend together is way better than other, more expensive pastimes (movies, etc).

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