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Most Popular Gps?

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Long history of Garmin GPS products, going way back. Only discovered geocaching in recent times, during the "eTrex Vista" era. Very recently upgraded to a 60CS, and couldn't be happier - it has pretty significantly streamlined the geocaching experience! Far less pre-outing research/planning - just a matter of ensuring the data in my Palm is up to date, that I've downloaded any new waypoints... and off I go. Not having to worry about navigation in unfamiliar neighborhoods (or states!) is an amazing benefit.

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I have a Legend and love it. The size is reasonably small, although I think I'd really prefer an iQue, so I could reduce my payload and leave the Clie at home.


I really like the Legend's nonskid surface; I can just put it on the dash of the car (behind the tach) and not worry about it bailing out (until I get to aggressive turns, anyway).

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I am new to caching but have used a legend for a couple of years on the road, trails and to mark fishing spots. The legend was really nice but the 60cs is the cats wiskers. Spend the money and get a TOPO and CS software you have one great tool. If Garmin ever combines the form of the 60cs, the memory of the 76cs and adds the radio features from the Rhino 130 I will be first line.

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I have the Lowrance iFinder and find it seems to work pretty well. I've only been geocaching but once but, it brought me to within 10 feet of the cache, and makes finding streets and addresses a breeze. I did spring for the optional Mapcreate software for a 100 bucks. I don't suggest buying the kit with the 16meg SD card and reader because you can pick up the reader and a 128meg SD card for around 60 bucks. and download your own maps.

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Etrex Vista; I've had the Vista about two months and have enjoyed learning on it. More than I need for geocaching, and not quite enough as a car unit (screen's too small, routing, etc.). I'm thinking 60cs, maybe next year.



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I agree with DBC FOR LIFE. No need to get the 60cs. I had a Vista with the electronic compass and barometer. I saw no advantage and that's why I bought the 60c vice spending ~ $100 more for the cs.


Love the 60c

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Started with the yellow Garmin e-trex and now own a Sport Trak Pro. I bought the topo CD to go with the Pro. I really shopped around on the internet, the Garage Sale Forum and e-Bay to educate myself and get the best prices. Bought both through the geocaching Garage Sale forum.

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