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    Usb Support?

    I agree with Inspector Gaget. EasyGPS utilizes the USB port. Be sure to go to the EasyGPS site and download the latest so that your 76C will be on the list. That's what I had to do for my 60C
  2. I bought mine at getagps.com for $357 + tax and shipping. I guess with it based out of Miami and me living in Fl, I got hit with sales tax. I now see that the price has increased to $397 and they are out of stock right now. Supply and demand at work affecting the price I guess.
  3. To reset the trip odometer, go to the odometer page and press "menu". Then highlight reset and press "enter". Now you can select or deselect what you want or don't want to have reset. To clear tracks, select "Tracks" from the main menu page. Then highlight "clear" and press enter. It takes a few seconds to clear. Ensure that the prompt is turned on by going to the main menu. Highlight "set-up" and press "enter". Highlight "Routing" and press enter. Highlight "Guidance Method" and ensure "prompted" is selected. Now each time you hit go to a waypoint or geocache, you will be prompted for off road or follow road. If you select follow road and then want to switck to off road you have to go back and enter on go to again for that item so that you'll be prompted again. Hope this helps.
  4. I agree with DBC FOR LIFE. No need to get the 60cs. I had a Vista with the electronic compass and barometer. I saw no advantage and that's why I bought the 60c vice spending ~ $100 more for the cs. Love the 60c
  5. If I understand your question, you just press the "Mark" button and the data screen will appear. You have the ability to modify all the fields including coordinates, name, type icon and notes. I hope that's what you are looking for.
  6. I haven't had that problem. So far, mine adds "finds" to the calendar when I click the "found" button on the compass screen. Maybe you can help me with a problem I'm having. See forum. I want to be able to go into the calander for "found" waypoints/geocaches and see what time they were added to that day on the calendar. Any suggestions?
  7. skibum957

    Garmin 60c

    Once a "waypoint" or "geocache" is "found", does the Garmin 60C stamp it with a date/time and how can you view that stamp?
  8. skibum957

    Built in Memory

    Ok, I'm new to this. I know that the different models of Magellan have different levels of memory. My Mereidian Gold has 16 MB. Does this mean that I should be able to download maps to it? Should the built in map have more detail than the standard Meridian with 2MB? What's the scoop on the built in memory and what can I do with it?
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