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  1. Unlocked CS5 on June the 2nd. When I tried the upgrade process it wanted $75.00 for the upgrade. I called and asked nicely for the update and told them I was a loyal Garmin customer. The emailed me an update code for free! (woody does the happy dance!)
  2. I have the 60cs and LOVE it, use it on the road a lot, hike with it a lot, geocache with it when I have the time. Altimeter - The latest software allows you to set the altimeter to record presure every 15 minutes even with the unit off, pretty stinking cool if you are a into weather. If you: 1) change the compass setup to switch to the compass below 2 MPH for 30 seconds 2) buy the auto-navigation kit you will love it also.
  3. Original package and paper work included. Please just email me if you are interested. Sometimes PM is a little slow. The first one to speak up for it gets it. shipping should be about 5.00 most anywhere via priority mail. I would really rather have paypal for payment but a money order will do.
  4. Functionaly they are the same and just don't see how you can go loose. I just love my 60cs and rank it up there with my leatherman and eyeglasses as the best tools I own. I was going to buy the 76cs, until I held a 76. I am an IT guy and really, really like the idea of more memory. I put the 76 down and bought the 60cs. The 60 just felt more solid. I also like the buttons on bottom so I can see the screens as I page thru rolling down the road 9.99 mph over the speed limit. I paddle a one man inflatable pontoon aka "Outcast Personal Adventure Craft" (www.outcastboats.com if your wife is begging you to take up yet another expensive hobby) and I wished like heck my 60cs would float. Although, I am not entirely sure I could bring myself to take it out of my boat bag, which is water proof and does float, in anythng but the most placid and shallow of water anyway. I suffered over the 76 vs 60 question. Only holding each in my hand settled it for me. If you can do the same before you buy I highly recomend it. If Garmin would just make the 60cs with the big memory, FRS/GMRS/Weather radio and float I could move on to collecting a differant sort of gadget.
  5. I am new to caching but have used a legend for a couple of years on the road, trails and to mark fishing spots. The legend was really nice but the 60cs is the cats wiskers. Spend the money and get a TOPO and CS software you have one great tool. If Garmin ever combines the form of the 60cs, the memory of the 76cs and adds the radio features from the Rhino 130 I will be first line.
  6. I have a 140 Watt Trip-Lite that runs my Dell with no problem. In fact it is so handy to have I put one in each of our vehicles. When were are out camping I have been know to hook the inverter to one of those emergency jump start battery's then my laptop to the inverter.
  7. I have TOPO and MG5. Loaded but I just did not know how it would react to installing an early version of the same package.
  8. OK! So it was a case of stupid user. I just got lucky. The first route I picked worked. Every other route did not. Boy do I feal like DA.
  9. Can you load MG4, MG5 and CS5 on the same PC? I live in a rual area and its pretty clear that around home CS5 is not going to be the deal. I would like to by a used copy of MG4 so I can autoroute arround home. I have MG5 that I would like to keep on my PC for my wife's Legend. Can I do all that? Will all the versions of MG4 autoroute on my 60cs? Thanks for your help
  10. The Legand is has a lot of features and they are cheap right now. You can get it on line for $169 and then there is the $30 rebate.
  11. I know your thinking "stupid user" but that is just not the case. The route was not made on the pc. I used MG 5 to to pick two really obscure residential address that would not be on the base map. I down loaded the way points and map to the 60cs and made the route on the unit. It routed right to the address not just the town using the base map. It was hee haw hell in Ohio. Who in there right mind would but that in to the base map.
  12. I got my new 60cs yesterday. I updated to 3.3 and since City Select is not here I started goofing arround with MG5. I was stunned to see it autoroute right on the unit. So much so that I did a couple of more itmes. I then went outside and took it out of demo mode to make sure it still worked and it does. I picked two odd ball address that would no way be in the basemap and it routed me "door to door". I wish I had know this before I spent the money on CS5. If you have a copy of MG 5 and a 60C/CS or even a 76C/CS give it a try. Lets see if we can figure out why it works on some and not some others. Maybe we can save someone else a few bucks.
  13. It is my money and I will waste it how I see fit. You can waste yours anyway you want. The catalog return outlet of Bass Pro Shops in Spring Field MO is filled with returned Magellan GPSR units, software etc. In all my vists I have never seen any garmin gpsr gear. I was looking for deals and they clerk said they just don't get Garmin stuff returned very much.
  14. I have yet to use it in the field but I have installed and tested: Treo300 Smartphone Spinner Plucker 60CS
  15. Thanks for all the input. I purchased a 60cs today just did not care for the bulk of a 76 even if the new ones will have twice the memory. The brunton still has a home in my pack.
  16. I have heard it said that MG 4 will autoroute on a 60 series and MG 5 will not. Just hear say at this point. It is true that you will be able to get about $80 for MG5 on Ebay so all is not lost
  17. Are the worth the $50 and does the compass help that much in geocaching?
  18. If I buy a 60cs or a 76cs will I be able to download and use both city select and topo maps of the same area?
  19. The unit is perfect I am just in a pinch. Great deal but I have to have paypal for payment. Thanks
  20. Talked to Garmin today. The reciever and processor are the same as the 60cs.
  21. If the squid choose to disable reporting then we would have to resort to low tech parenting (gounding, removing the PS2 and bankrupcy) As for me well I she has to catch me first. Thanks for the help. I am pretty sure we have a plan.
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