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What To Carry To The Cache?

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Bring some peanut butter and some boric acid. That'll take care of them

Oh the Horror...the horror... :D

What's wrong with killing ants? It's not like they're kittens or something pleasant

I never realized how prone to spontaneous combustion ants where till I started watching them real close w/ the magnifying glass. :D

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Ugh...found a cache 2 years ago that someone had left fish food in...FISH FOOD, fer cryin' out loud! Not only had they left it, they left it opened! Even though the cache was an ammo can, it was crawling with tiny ants. I emptied it out and cleaned it up as best I could (threw the fish food in a nearby pond).


Man...the stink....pheww!



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I ALWAYS take something to write with, usually a fine point permanent marker, so I can still write on a wet logsheet. I also have a "geocaching pack" in the trunk of my car, with assorted caches (ready for placing), a few different colors of spray paint, ziploc baggies and a couple of generic emergency replacement logsheets, just in case.....

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I have taken to carrying a "cache repair kit," which includes, within a replacement Rubbermaid container, assorted sizes of ziplock freezer bags, spare logbooks, pens and pencils, and real towels for drying out caches. I also carry a couple of trash bags. However, I don't think I carry anything which would get rid of an infestation. . .

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