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  1. I use a RAM mount with suction cups and have been delighted with it. I've tried vent mounts in the past and was rewarded with a broken vent for my trouble. . . and it makes that vent useless for Air Conditioning when something is mounted on it. I'm not too keen on drilling holes in my dash so I chose the suction cups. Bean bags may work for many, but if you bounce around a lot you may end up chasing it at all the wrong times. Good luck
  2. Thanks, but I am including a lot of extras. That is why I said OBO. OKAY, OKAY! $250. I didn't mean to challenge your price. I offer pricegrabber just as a data point for people to start with. Software and "extras" add up in a hurry!
  3. Input the coordinates of anywhere along your chosen path in the search page and ask for all nearby caches. (You'll need a map that can give a starting coordinate.)
  4. I think the key word is respect. I visited one recently where the cache was hidden up against a headstone (tacky). At least it was someone who had passed away many many years ago. My wife and I lost a son years ago and I think I'd be pretty ticked off if I found somone using his grave as a playground. We think of cemetaries as sacred places. Having said that, many older cemetaries are fascinating to visit and offer a lot of interesting information on the history of an area. I prefer caches either outside the boundaries or virtuals that require me to do some learning as I walk around. My dad told me "You can tell a lot about a community by how they maintain their cemetary." The older I get the more wisdom I find in his comment.
  5. As one who's actually "hung hardware" on a GPS satellite, I beg to differ. . It is rocket science. On one of the contracts I used to manage we developed a secondary payload that was attached to GPS satellites for a secondary mission.
  6. A bottle of cool water, some good cheese and dry salami in my backpack. . . which is carefully placed next to me on the seat of my trusty M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank as I cruise through the backcountry secure in the knowledge that any Jeep that gets in my way is toast. (I'm a LandCrusier fan from way back)
  7. I've got a couple of questions that I couldn't figure out from their site. Have the caches (those that have hints) already been placed or are they waiting for some period of time for the clues to become specific enough for an actual search to begin? Reading the initial clues was a waste. However, if the caches are already hidden, then there is a chance that someone may stumble upon them even before the organizers had planned. I can see it now; the Jones family of New Orleans out for a family picnic find a briefcase and claim the prize even though they hadn't heard of the game until they found the cache. Meanwhile the nice people at Magellan have five more weeks of useless clues they had planned on posting. . . I hope this works for them. Two failed promotions wouldn't be fun to deal with.
  8. Go back and find the cache now that it's been replaced and then update your log. A couple of my finds took three tries to find. I keep the whole history on my log leading to the eventual find. April 22 by LETaylor (18 found) Finally found it and then felt very very stupid. I'll mark this one up to being fairly new to this. 4/21: Third visit - So, now I don't have any eyes. . . and still haven't figured it out. Brought a friend with me to help find it. No luck. Arrrgh! 4/20: 2nd visit: Spent way too much time here after work today. Think I'll gouge out my eyes and try again soon as a blind man. 4/20: 1st Visit: I'll have to make a second journey to catch this one. - sigh Putt's Button Cache
  9. This is great. I modified it a little to "Get Lost" and just started it at our office at 4:00 PM. They've got one hour to see where it will end up. I can hear it floating around outside my office in the bullpen right now. Oh wait a minute . . GET LOST!
  10. I carry my Vista in my hand if I'm within .1 miles. Otherwise it's in my pocket or in an external pocket on my "North Face Recon" backpack with occasional peeks to keep me headed in the right direction. I don't worry about loss of signal because it acquires fast enough for my purposes.
  11. Glad this had a happy ending. (If it were me there would have been mention of having to hike out partially naked because my underwear were soiled.)
  12. All of the above points out that fact that there are a vareity of reasons that people get involved in this sport. From families with little kids they want to take on walks, to those who want to develop "secret codes". The beauty is that there's no reason why everyone can't take part at the level they desire. One isn't better than the other, it's just different. I'm just looking for a cache that contains a cold glass of milk and three oreo cookies.
  13. Look me up in Sacramento, CA with your uniform on and I'm good for it any day of the week. One of my good buddies was a Combat Crew Commander (missile puke) when he served in the USAF. At the time, he was the youngest one in the USAF. He had a Titan silo. They were the "red-headed step-children" when the Peacekeeper missiles came on line though.
  14. It's interesting to see how much information can be gained by looking at the photos. There's a lot of forensic evidence available to the trained observer. Newer cars computers are now routinely dumped to gather information on what the vehicle status was at the time of an event. It probably saved the last several seconds of RPM/speed history and any number of other items.
  15. I accidently left mine in the cabin of a sailboat we had taken out for the day on SF Bay. It was a "club" boat and I didn't realize what I had done for several weeks. It was my trusty old Garmin 12CX. I've since purchased a etrex Vista and am more careful where I set it down. I've also input the "owner information" on this one. I've also replaced the Garmin screen that warns you not to rely on the GPS with my address, phone, email info, and offer of a reward for return of the unit if found. The owner info screen is easily changed but the final screen is tough to do unless you have the right software. It would serve as a daily reminder to anyone that they're using MY gps receiver each time the screen came up.
  16. My nephew (age 33, father of 3) served in Iraq with the Marines. While there he kept a journal which was later picked up by the Wall Street Journal and published over a five-week period. It's an amazing read if you've got a few minutes. Iraqi War Journal While there he, and others in his company took lots of photos which show just how lousy living conditions can get (remember the early dust-storms?) Two of my favorites though are the first two on this linked page showing a before and after shot of Fox Company Marines holding their flag with their Company motto printed on one border, "Everybody has fun, nobody gets hurt" As a group they were fortunate to only have one man killed over there. They took part in some of the heaviest fighting with a couple of firefights lasting several hours. Fox Company photos from Iraq
  17. I did not serve in the armed forces, but I'm always happy to buy a meal for anyone in uniform at any time. I find that as I've put a few years under my belt that I have become profoundly greatful to those who have put themselves at risk for our country. I tip my hat to each of you.
  18. I can't get the search feature to work so forgive me if this has been covered before. I'm looking to purchase a suction cup mount for my etrex vista (windshield mount) Who's got the best prices out there on the web? Thanks in advance.
  19. I carry ze code book for ze resistance fighters, a hunk of cheeze and some fine milk!
  20. 95825 - 97 (small in number, but they're scrappy!)
  21. That answers my question. . . my brother just purchased a new cell phone for his wife and the salesperson pointed out the GPS feature. I knew it wasn't something they'd opt for but I can understand it being part of new phones.
  22. The way my luck has been running lately, they'd stop by just as I entered the bathroom. . . But, if they'd show up at the same time as Ed McMahon with a Publisher's Clearinghouse check I'd be much happier.
  23. I agree with Barnstable. Using cute words to label others really says more about the user than the other person.
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