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  1. Simply, for a cache located in trees (a leafy month outdoors), find the straight line direction to the cache with your GPSr (could be as much as 150 feet off the trail and uneven ground), the compass will keep pointing under trees! A compass works well except areas of magnetic unreliability or interference. You can get a (cheap) keychain type compass if you don't want to spend much. Make sure a cheap compass is accurate before relying on it.
  2. Whoa, now. Short britches are gonna leave your legs open for the gouges that we both got in Lower Alabama from thornies around the 4th. Ouch! Your mileage may vary, but consider long pants if it's a woodsy locale.
  3. When grabbing, or leaving geocoins in a cache, how to log? List it in the typical Found or note log, or are there other ways? Already familiar with the alacache.com and travelertags.com sites. Thanks for any assistance.
  4. When grabbing, or leaving geocoins in a cache, how to log? List it in the typical Found or note log, or are there other ways. Already familiar with the alacache.com and travelertags.com sites. Thanks for any assistance.
  5. Take a four-legged critter cachin'.... http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/9abfc...4e964badc13.jpg
  6. Take a four-legged critter cachin'.... http://members.aol.com/fly1jet/r12.jpg
  7. How about my bringing Travel Bugs into our fair city from business trips all over the Eastern US, and they just sit for weeks sometimes without being grabbed. How 'bout the folks that grab TBs and don't bother logging the retrieve or leave. TBs are a special find for some of us, and in some areas, they are scarce and sought after things.
  8. My third benchmark search actually led to one. The first two sought were long gone. This third one's coordinates led to a new building, but the actual benchmark is still there - about 50 feet away. The description helped get through the dilemma and find the actual location.
  9. Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery!
  10. Very interested, thanks for any assistance!
  11. That list would include an ebay Palm Vx and another backup ebay Palm Vx. Recommend this unit and don't pay over $40 before shipping!
  12. Errrr, trading up to a MeriGold, have additional backpack, water reservoir with straw thingie, dog backpack, trekking pole (Stansport Odyssey from Target), shoes, ammo cans and other caching stuff.
  13. Learned about caching from an article in 'Scientific American' and just happened to have picked up the mag in an airport when someone left it....trying to occasionally answer questions and help newbies. Lurking some days.
  14. Watch a TB, receive emails tracking movement, if it's your own Bug, then make sure you activiate it and wait for movement by others/Retrieved/Placed In. Some other TB, find the page for that specific TB and click on the link near the top to Track that TB, and wait for movement. Can't find a TB, there is a search feature.
  15. Any preference on hiking/trail shoes, what do you wear out there?
  16. How to get a photo on a cache location page. All my efforts did was provide a link under the coordinates near the hints section. I want the photo to appear on the cache page. Would prefer not to point to a photo on my personal website.
  17. I agree with dampeoples, some of the junk I've seen traded is just that. I've traded in every traditional cache, and found too many micros, cuz I like tradin' cool stuff. Used to think people traded, now I know that some log and go! An mp3 player or a pouch for a gpsr, what a generous cacher!
  18. The travel bugs in this region seem to often go 'poof.' Maybe if some were left in MOC they would live on, cuz Raiders aren't members?
  19. Found a muti cache location with a leaky ziplock and no other container, geez! Also, keepa U pencils outa the ziplock? Those points pierce plastic! Sharing experience from Charter Members.
  20. FK = Finders Keepers!!! (There was no note explaining the 'nestegg'.) At least we leave a note in a cache explaining it.
  21. Exercise your dog prior to the gathering! Terrier Dog does well if he's had plenty of exercise and then is ready for laying low, naps, and watching people put food in their mouth.
  22. How bout Chicago one morning, Detroit the next morning, and Atlanta the third, this was in about 48 hours including two travel bugs retrieved and moved over 300 miles each. Springtime, ahhh!
  23. Could have used an ant removal device this week, one cache was crawling with them.
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