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Powering The Gps At Your Desk

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Geez, think of it instead of using my 110 volt plugs in my house , I will start buying 12 volt accessories like coffee pot makers,fans,battery chargers. Think of the savings on my power bill. I can even run my laptop off the 12 volt plug!!!

Wait a minute that wont work, oh well it was a thought. :lol:

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The simple truth is that there are a LOT of items that are designed to recharge/run off a cigarette lighter. It is the ubiquitous DC adaptor. Having one at home (or even better yet, the office) means that you only need to keep one cable.


Right now in my glove box I have cigarette lighter adapters for my phone, geko 201, mp3 player, Zaurus (linux pocket pc), and flashlight.

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A 12VDC power outlet for desktop computers. Ideal for powering your GPS while loading maps and cache data... or for lighting up your smokes :lol:

Nice for powering accessories, but I'm not sure how well it would work for lighting smokes. I don't know how much leftover capacity on the 12V line most PCs have. It may give a new meaning to "smoke break". :lol:

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I went another route. I just use a female cigarette lighter assembly that can be bought for a couple of dollars in Radio Shack etc and added to short lengths of wire with aligator clips on the ends of the wires. I can clip the connectors to all sortes of batteries and power my GPS power cable or anyother device requiring DC power (sonar, lights, radio, cd player etc).

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I made a combo cable that powers both my Palm and my GPS via a USB connector, and also connects the GPS to the Palm. I can either plug it into my computer's USB port (seldom if ever) or into the charger I have that plugs into my cigarette lighter and has a USB port on the rear. They're available for ~$10, and are really worthwhile. I got it as part of a universal charge kit for my Palm, but decided to expand things, since I couldn't charge my Palm and connect the GPS simultaneously. Now I can. You can also buy these cables through PC-Mobile and other sellers, including, I believe, GPSGeek. I built my own for much less, though.

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