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  1. FIXED: Updated to Mapsouce 6.12.4. [i think I had 6.8 installed.]
  2. FIXED: When I start Mapsource (I have the latest version, I think) on my PC (WIN XP), a notice comes up saying that my map data is over a year old (CN ver 8) and that I should update it. But then the program stops responding and then closes by itself. It was fine yesterday. Garmin support line has been busy all morning. EDIT: FIXED: I updated to Mapsource 6.12.4 and the problem went away. I think I had 6.8 installed.
  3. Only Garmin knows that answer, and as noted elsewhere, anything you hear regarding a future project is an unsubstantiated rumor, because they are a publicly traded company and want to avoid the perception that they release insider information. You might get a quicker answer from a shareholder than any of us here. If you really need a back up unit NOW, it doesn't hurt to purchase one without waiting for a newer version. Shop around to see if you can buy a refurbished unit. Same warranty, and just as reliable. Thanks for the advice. Was just hoping there was something going on re a new Geko.
  4. Is there a new Geko in the works? I have a 60CSx but I'd like something tiny when I travel outside the USA. I don't have (nor want - ususually) maps when I travel outside the USA but I'd like color and I'd like a USB connection. Actually, I've not ever seen a Geko 301 or 201 for real. From Gramin's web site, the screen resolution looks poor. Maybe instead of color I want better resolution (and - so it appears) better battery life. I just want to mark special places I've been and also mark waypoints to get back to where I was. And, I'd like to see a cookie trail.
  5. I'm traveling out of the country this winter and don't want to take my "large" 60CSX. Was thinking about the Geko 301. But, maybe something is upcoming from Garmin. [i've forgotten when the 301 was introduced.] Anyone have a clue here?
  6. I have a 2 gig one with the whole US on it and it works great.
  7. I've had a similar problem that is definitely not battery related. When I turn a certain corner in Houston, my 60CSx simply turns off - every time. It even does it in demo mode! Garmin had no clue and suggested a submit it as a mapping problem. I did, except it does not happen with the 60CS that I also own. [been using City Select ver 7 - just got CN ver 8, so maybe the problem will not happen again. I sure hope it's not my 60CSx!]
  8. OK, so say I believe that CN NT ver 8 works with the 60CSx. Am I correct that this means the whole US will fit on my 1 gig card? And, will it work on my 60CS, even though there is that 56 meg limit? I'd really like something that works on both the 60CS and the 60CSx that is updated beyong CS ver 7 (which is what I now have).
  9. Well, this is strange, as the 60CSx is not mentioned in the list of compatble GPSRs in the NT version: "This update is for the StreetPilot c320/c330/c340, i2/i3, Quest 2, 2720/2730, 7200/7500, iQue 3000 and nuvi." Also, the non NT version spec says: This Update is NOT for NT units! [Whatever those are - is the CSx an NT unit?] But, if CN8 NT fits on a 1 gig card, that would be great. Using about 984 MB I get "only" most of the east half of the US. I'd love to fit it all on one card. BUT, will CN8 NT work on a 60CS? Would it work even better than CN8 non-NT? I mean are the map segments smaller so I can fine tune what is covered with my 56 meg? Also, I already ordered the DVD for CN8 non-NT. It has not come yet. Think I can get CN8 NT too and then unlock just it? Is CN8 NT an upgrade from CS ver 7? I know CN8 non-NT is an upgrade from CS ver 7.
  10. Good info. I guess I'll see how things work on my 60CS.
  11. I went on and ordered the update disk, since no cost is involved in that. During the order process (after asking me for my customer code) it listed my 60CS as the only unit, so you might try going through the order process and see which of your unit(s) appear. in the email notice they sent out was this paragraph: "While you wait for your Update DVD to arrive, please visit my.garmin.com and create an account with us. This new online portal will allow you to keep track of any of your Garmin products in one convenient location. If you have previously unlocked or registered a Garmin product you can ?Add? these to your new account so you are ready to go when your update arrives!" I haven't done that yet, but that might be the key to make sure your new unit is the "primary" one. I called Garmin. I have the same issue (a 60CS and a 60CSx) and only the 60CS shows up on the order page. Garmin support told me that I need to unlock my 60CS first and then the 60CSx. I said that while I still had the 60CS, I understood that the map segments were bigger in CN and so CN ver 8 is really the wrong product for my 60CS. He agreed and said that if I "ever" got a third unit Garmin would "work with me" to get me an unluck code for it. But, thus, for the moment, both my unlock codes will be used, one of which on a unit that I won't even use the software on. I asked if he could right now just allow me to unlock the 60CSx and give me the option of unlocking a 3rd unit. He said "no." This is not a big deal now as I do not have a 3rd unit. Oh, I also asked what happens to people who have sold their first unit. He said that would be a problem but this could be resolved with a call to Garmin. He also said that he knew that all this unlock stuff was causing lots of problems, as people upgrade. Also, I have one coupon code for both units. So, I cannot somehow pretend that I own only the 60CSx.
  12. Well, as I said in post http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=136382 mine simply shuts down when I make this particular turn - every time, navigating or not. In fact, it shuts down if I SIMULATE the route with this turn. [.. by turning GPS off, doing a Go To, and go into demo modes and say YES to simulate route.] I have 950 megs of maps, have only tried in in one small area of Houston, and I have this shutdown problem. I don't know if the map is corrupt (or how much of the map is corrupt) or if there is something wrong with my Unit. I've yet to write to Garmin, but I'm about to.
  13. Yes, it shuts down making this one particular turn whether or not it's navigating. Now, GET THIS!!! If I turn OFF the GPS, do a GO TO and say YES to simlulate/demo the route, as the route is SIMULATED (I'm not moving) it turns off at exactly the same place. What happens is there is a turn, that arrow saying to turn come up, but the tracking triangle does not make the turn. It passes the turn, turns around, and comes back to the turn (in like a second) and starts to get ready for the turn and then turns off!! Explain that!
  14. Thanks. I'll try that. I shuts off at exactly at one corner and then down the block from that. Except, I don't have any custom PIOs. I have custom waypoints, of course. The same? I don't have any option of getting a new GPSr at the moment as I'm on the road for a month.
  15. Thanks. I forgot about that. My 60CS had loose battery terminals. I'll check them, although the unit was on a car charger.
  16. I think this was discussed somewhere, but I could not find it. My Garmin 60CSx is two weeks old. I have about 950 megs on my SD card. Whenever I turn this one corner (or go down the street after I turn the corner) it simply shuts down. It does not matter if I am navigating or not. The first time I went down that street, it turned on and turned off 5 times in a row. Now it just shuts down - it turns off and I have to turn it on. Since I just left for a road trip and have just used the installed maps in a tiny location (Houston), I'm concerned that the maps are corrupted throughout my planned trip. Or, maybe the unit is defective. I seem to recall someone said to turn of proximity waypoints (not even sure what that is), but that did not help. What's going on? Can I fix this on the road? Thanks. I'm running version 2.90 (firmware version?) mgabel
  17. Just did the upgrade to 2.90 and used the USB to PC connection for the microSD card. Worked fine. I made a backup of the data on an SD card that I had. If I have to replace the microSD card, I can just copy the data from that SD card to a new microSD card. What DID happen is that when I turned it on, it went off after like 3 second. The second time I turned it on, it stayed on. It's a brand new 60CSx so I don't know if that was something that would be happening anyway.
  18. I'm guessing that you had your gps connected to the computer and transferred the maps to the gps unit. Next time try using a card reader. MapSource will save the file(s) to the card directly when it's in a card reader. Much faster. Yes, I did. I'll try that other way. But, I really want to know the max megs that go on a 1 gig card. Thx. mgabel
  19. Just put 974.7 megs on a 1 GB card. Worked fine (but took like 2 or 3 hours)
  20. One more quicky, please. Does anyone know what the max size (as per Mapsource) of the files you can put on a 1 gig card. The 64 meg card apparently can hold 59.5 MB. [surely this has been posted, but I could not find it.] I did find the post where it said that the max number of files is 2025.
  21. NewZealand: Thanks so much for your thorough answers. And, I LIKE the answers: how things should work is how they do! That CD / card reader idea is great. mgabel
  22. [TITLE CORRECTION: that's MicroSD Card, of course.] Just took the plunge and replaced my Garmin 60CS with a 60CSx. It came last night and so I ought to tinker first, but I though I'd ask also. I have a few questions about data on the microSD cards that I'm hoping someone might answer: [i own City Select North America ver 7 and I've ordered a 1 gig microSD card.] (1) The manual says one can copy files to a microSD card with a card reader. Does the GPS needs to be attached to the computer also, or can you just copy the files to the card. (2) If you can just copy the files to the card, how are copyrights protected? Does the card know which GPS the card goes to? And, would htis mean that if I had two "x" models, the card would work in only one of them? (3) I have some "spare" non-micro (ie standard sized) SD cards. I'd not like to have to buy another microSD card. So, can I put map data on a regular SD card and find a computer - one that does not have MapSource or any maps on it - and put that data on the computer and then transfer that data to my micoSD card? The point is, I'd like a backup of the maps when I travel as I don't want to have to take my laptop with me. And, I don't want to buy another microSD card. Also, if I were on a BIG road trip, I could put the maps I'm using on the microSD card and the maps I will be using on a regular SD card and then find a computer and put the maps set I need on the microSD card. (4) If I copy maps to my micoSD card, can I back up the card to a computer (one not running MapSourse) and then restore thes files to the same (or another) microSD card? I guess the whole point is that I don't un derstand how copyright works when the map data can be on an external microSD card. Any help here would be much appreciated. mgabel_pi
  23. Memory is constantly a problem for me. Can't wait for the x.
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