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What Do Fellow Ontarians Use?

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Lock&Lock (Zellers, Home Hardware) are very good, so are ammo boxes if you can find them (surplus stores, Princess Auto). I'm lucky, I live near the border and they are easy to find in the US. Rubbermaid or Pool Chemical containers with screw tops. I've not had good luck with conventional Rubbermaid, Tupperware, and other plastic containers with press on lids. The wildlife round here (probably racoons) have figured out how to get the lids off and delight in scattering the contents around. At first I thought it was human vandalism but then I saw the tooth marks on the lid. They seem to particularly like the Rubbermaids with the blue edge on the lid. I've even seen This Cache with a screw top that they got into. They were going after earings and lip gloss we think :rolleyes: .


Then, of course, the fun ones are the imaginative ones. Hollowed out logs, fake birdhouses, camouflaged sewer pipe. You can tell obsession with the sport when you go grocery shopping and buy stuff for the container, not what's inside :blink:

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when picking a container for a cache durability and waterproofing are you main concerns. all containers are excellent at first but as they are openen and closed and jammed into crevises on a regular basis they can crack and/or lose their water tightness. im an ammo can guy myself. they take an a** whuppin and have a nice big rubber gasket to make it tight. the only problem will be finding a place that will have a regular supply of ammo cans. there are all kinds of sizes of cans from small arms rounds to bigger orninance like 20mm even bigger.

if you ask me, ammo cans are the way to go.



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Hey everyone, I like using plastic containers with screw on lids, like peanut butter containers. I usually paint them up with camo to blend into the surroundings. The guys at work usually go through the protein shakes and suppliments so I use the plastic containers when they are done. Lots of sizes, durable, waterproof, and FREE!!! :D. You would probably have some luck at your local recycling plant. Lots to choose from!!!


Fire Eater

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I use both plastic and ammo.


But I think painting them helps hide them.. too easy to see the coloured tops. CTC sells Camouflage paint..you buy 3 or 4 cans and spray away. Sticks well to plastic.


There is a plastic paint that bonds right to plastic that works well to.


Murfster :rolleyes:

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