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Team Yatta = No Design Skills!


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Okay, Team Yatta has decided to use pins are our sig item. So now that we have actually AGREED on an item, we need to design the pin. We know what we want on the pin and we can design them in Photoshop, but due to our lack of creative/design skills, everything we make looks like pure crap!


Can anyone out there help this team of non-artists? :) If you have some free time and want to design something, that would be awesome. If you would like payment for your design services, we can throw a little money your way too!


We would like the pin to have a geocaching logo, our team name (Team Yatta!), our location (Aurora, CO USA) and the following symbol...and anything else you can think of! :D




The pins will 1.5 inch square. I really hate to ask in the forums but we can't design anything that any cacher in their right mind would want to KEEP! :)


Thanks guys!

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i''m going to suggest that you maybe use the gc.com logo as pale background to the character, which in my mind ought to be the prominent thing.


put your other text in small print around the edges. or you could just have honeychile do it for you. she's very good and not very expensive.

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/moderator hat on

Please note that superimposing other artwork on top of a gc.com logo in the background could be considered an 'alteration' of the gc.com logo, and you'd be very wise to check in advance with Groundspeak before proceeding down that design path.

/moderator hat off


I like Team 360's suggestion! Elegant simplicity, clean look, conveys everything you specified.

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Woohoo! Thanks Team 360! That is awesome! The Kanji symbol means "seeker" or "searcher". :D


And Keystone, I wasn't going to alter or modify the gc.com logo because I know that is against the use guidelines. I also emailed logo@geocaching.com to make sure I could use it on 50 pins for non-commercial purposes before I started my design. :) (See? I read the laws of gc.com :))


Thanks Team 360! How much do I owe ya?

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Question, why don't you want anyone to keep them?

We want people to keep them because we know a lot of people like to keep sig items (myself included). We were afraid that with our crappy design skills, they would just go from cache to cache and haunt everyone in Colorado. :D

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Posted: Feb 12 2004, 12:54 AM


Just to add:


Here is a link to my Craptastically Fabulous and Somewhat Obnoxious Cache


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I said it first! :D Well, more or less.

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