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Central Pennsylvania Geocaching Scavenger Hunt!


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It may not seem like it now, in the middle of all the snow and ice, but summer will be speeding past us soon and it's time to start planning for the SECOND annual Central PA Geocaching Scavenger Hunt!!


There's no way it could have happened without a lot of help from a lot of wonderful folks and I'm appealing to you all again to chip in.


The date isn't set yet (sometime in late August) and the venue hasn't been pinned down (though we're looking at a state park to allow all you out-of-towners to camp before and after the event) but one thing IS certain: we're gonna need a lot of caches!!


If you're local to central PA and you have a cache idea you've been toying with and you think it might work at the event, please email me. (This is the time to bring out all those cool ideas that just wouldn't work in the long-term.) If you aren't local but you STILL have a cache idea you think might work, please email me! If you have ideas for puzzles, we could certainly use them: email me!


Oh, and here's the email address: enfantaandco@yahoo.com


Additionally, if you were at the event last year and you have photos you DIDN'T post to the cache page, I'd love to see them. I'm going to be appealing to Garmin and Magellan for prizes and photos of the event can only help.


Finally, if you have any suggestions on how the event could run more smoothly or could be improved, feel free to send those to me as well. I have Kleenex and chocolate standing by to ease the blows.


Thank you all and I hope I see you at the Scavenger Hunt!

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I hope to return to Central PA for this event; since I use to live there, I would highly recommend that you get permission from the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Department if you choose to use any of their parks/sites. Mr. Ron Woodhead is the director. I'll keep looking for updated info.!

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As far as dates go, probably the 21st or the 28th. Yes, we'll be having the vulture theme again, but I have a little change planned... I will, of course, make sure we are in compliance with any agency upon whose lands we are playing: it's not fun if you piss people off. Well, people who can kick you off their land, anyway. ;^)

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I'll have to wait to see when our third offspring needs to get back on campus in August. Too bad she doesn't go to PS-UP like our oldest did. Now that would have been convenient! Let me know what I can do to help. Maybe I can get Bob's Army Navy in Clearfield to donate a couple of ammo boxes or something. I just got two from there, a 30 mm for $3 and a 50 mm for $5. Lots of good swag in that store, too. <_< Not affiliated, just a satisfied customer.

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