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60 Cs Arrived!!!!


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No if you really want to know how to get yourself going I was at REI on Sunday and they had a price tag reading 60cs :lol: with the 60c on top of it.I was so happy that i had to get someone over here now to open the case so i could look at it and stop drooling. My wife just rolled her eyes and was sure we were going to be poorer when we walked out of the store.but alas it was not the cs but just the 60c :D

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You know when it comes right down to it that was mean. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't at least check Garmin's Page, GPSdiscount and here on geocaching to see what or if there is any status on the CS. I just wish Garmin would put something more definent other than 1st quarter. As a manufacturer you would think they would have better information especially when it is so close to producing them.



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