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Law Enforcement / Muggle Run-ins

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Sorry if this has been covered. I searched a bit and didn't find a thread dedicated to it, so where we go!


Mrs. CC and I have only been stopped once. It was during a virtual that was just off a main road. It was 12:30am Christmas Eve (comin home from a family party :D ). The police man pulled up behind us, and basically wanted to know if Mrs. CC was ok. She gave her trademark big smile and immediately put the officer at ease. As he left, we both thanked him for checking. You just never know and we appreciated his efforts.


Our most notable muggle experience was during one of our first caches. We were hunting around on some public property opposite homes. Over around 15 minutes, one lady peeking at us moved from hiding behind her car, to behind a tree, to behind a light post, to on the curb, to the middle of the street peeking around nothing but air. Finally, I just abruptly turned around and said "Hi there! Whatca doing?" You should have seen her face when she realized where she was (middle of the road) and what she was doing.


Share your stories!

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My only run-in was when we were travelling to California and I made an abrupt stop on the side of the freeway because I had almost missed a cache. A CHP cruiser stopped behind me within seconds. :D He asked if we were ok, so we told him we had just realized our youngest wasn't buckled in and we were stopping to fix that (We had just gotten on the freeway anyway). That story worked for him, but unfortunately he wouldn't leave until we did. I was within 200 feet of the cache, too! I guess there's next trip... B)

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Only had one encounter with the police. I was actually looking for the way to the cache. The maps were not accurate in terms of the road I was looking for. The road was actually not near where the map showed it to be. I was roaming the area the map indicated and went down a side road that led to nowhere. I presume people probably go down this road to do lewd, nefarious, or just twisted things...one of the local cops saw me head down the road and decided to follow. The road just kinda ends in an undeveloped area and has no real turn-around. I was going to make the 3 point turn to get back out but noticed that the officer had pulled in behind me. I hopped out of my truck and walked up to the officer. She asked me what I was doing, I told her the truth. She thought it was cool, told me where the road I needed actually was and even gave me a shortcut to get there from where I was. Honesty with the police is always the most productive tactic.

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It was a stormy day, lots of wind, just a little snow. We had found a burnt out hillside which was perfect for a themed cache to be called AOHell. My 12 year old daughter was with me.


Up we go. It's a rule all cache have to be placed up hills. Never at the base. I get about half way up with my daugher behind me when I hear someone call. Some dude in a Dodge Truck was yelling. I thought about ignoring him but for some reason I knew he would not go away until I came back down and talked to him.


Down I go, ammo can in hand. He wants to know just what in the hell I'm doing. I give the standard evasive non answer and he's not buying it and isn't going anywhere. So I break down and tell him the truth about planting a cache and why this hill instead of the one just over (where it's marked No Tresspassing). After hearing about it and learning that i'm out with my daughter he tells me what he saw.


Some guy with out of town plates heading off into the woods with a young girl. Well I can honestly say I never thought about what it looked like. He said he would check out geocaching and I left glad that he was paying attention.


We hiked up the hill placed the cache and came back down where I managed to lock my keys in the Bronco...But that's another story.

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Some dude in a Dodge Truck was yelling. I thought about ignoring him but for some reason I knew he would not go away until I came back down and talked to him.


After hearing about it and learning that i'm out with my daughter he tells me what he saw.


Some guy with out of town plates heading off into the woods with a young girl.

That's interesting. I don't think I'd be bold enough to check on a stranger like that, but I think it's cool he did that. Good to know people look out for each other.



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Only 1 minor "run in"


It was just about sundown this past August. The cache was in a park, near the furthest border with some houses. I was wandered around a little, collecting these (range)golf balls I kept finding - until I Realized someone was rapidly approaching from the west (NO stealth):lol: It was a (MAD) neighbor who lives nearby that was also "on the hunt!" Apparently there were some kids hitting balls from a hill bout 200 feet away-right next to the parking area I was in.

They were shelling him about 15 minutes before I arrived- some of the balls hit his shed, car etc (Mercedes, and a Lexus for the Wife)


It took a bit of explaining what I was doing- especailly since I was standing there holding 10 golf balls. He finally told me to just get off his property, and never come back. "No Problem" I mummbled as I was getting out of there before He changed his mind.


*I did make a loop back to the cache spot, and found it shortly before leaving.


Not the worst thing ever, but it could have went far worse!

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My only run in was at a cache hidden in a Bird house near a park. Some old lady saw me climbing down the tree with the house in my hand. She asked if it was mine and I told her no, that I saw it was nocked over and was trying to fix it. I "fixed" it and moved a short distance away and came back as soon as I could see the coast was clear.

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I had one Sunday.


I was asked by a ranger if he could help me "find" anything. As a result of our conversation he understands geocaching and I did not get a ticket for going off-trail.


Another result was that I promised to bring the park rules to the attention of the cache owners in SEVERAL parks. This will result in my posting several "should be archiveds" and emailing some players privately with more information. There is HOPE that the caches will be allowed if the owners play their cards right, but as for now, they are putting all cachers in jeapordy.


I would have posted several of the "needs archiveds" today except the cache pages aren't accepting logs.


I will be posting on this in a new thread shortly. I am taking a little time to think how best to express it so that I do not get anyone in trouble or cause undue cache losses.

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