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I have bought 8 tags along with 8 items to attach to the tags.


Don't get me started on travel bugs. Some forum people think anyone who doesn't have a cavalier attitude towards their TB's fate are whiners. Pretty much ceased my involvement in that forum as of today. (NO I am not committing geocide, just tired of a broken system and being castigated for trying to improve it.)

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I've bought about a eighteen. 10 were made into bugs and the rest were left in caches as trade items. Most of my bugs are still out there somewhere. One disappeared after its the first person grabbed it (I think they lost it...because they held it for a few months. After a few e-mails, they claimed to put it in a cache but subsequent finders said it wasn't there). Another has been sitting in the hands of some guy with a couple of finds since August. He's ignored all my e-mails. As far as I know, the rest are moving around.


Woah....I just looked at them in the store. Is it my imagination, or did the price for TB's skyrocket?? I don't remember them being 6 bucks each. ;):P

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I've picked up 2 8 packs so far. About half are being given away or left unactivated in caches. 1 is in the "travel around the US" race. 1 is ready to go to the baseball race. 1 is waiting for my wife to place her cache. 1 is planned for Europe. And 1 is just a pure experiement in chaos that should be released slowly over the next few months. Oh, and 1 is my car if I ever get a vector format of the TB logo to make into a window decal. Otherwise I'll release it as some other silly thing.

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I've spent $1770 on bugs in the past 5 years......well, $1750 of that was for termites, the other $20 was for TBs. :P


EDIT: The second TB I released was picked up 3 days later by a noob on his first hunt, first find, and nothing since.........but, it's Kansas, and I'll wait a while to see if he moves it. Afterall, I haven't cached since I placed it, so I'm not gonna nag him about not moving it until the weather gets better......

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Well lets see, 2 packs of 8 tags = 60 bucks, The first 4 were put onto freebie items I had gotten someplace, last 12 tags are going onto a $10 south park keyring set, you know kenny, kyle, stan and cartman. Theres even going to be a Mr. Hankey TB coming from me real soon! I hope these don't end up like 1/2 my first four, in the hands of one person who just holds them, I know how much sooo many of you love South Park!!!! This could be why I'm lagging in the activating stage. Someday...


Oh so I guess my total would be 70 bucks, but its not the cache its the sentimental value!



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