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I started caching about 2 weeks ago, and I've been doing fairly well (at least for a newbie) with the regular and virtual caches, but the micros are driving me batty. Is it completely inappropriate to email the owner of the cache and ask for additional hints? I've been back to a couple of sites 5 different times with no luck.

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You know what I tend to do is ask the last couple of people who found it just so the owner doesn't get the satisfaction of beating me.

But hey, do what the force leads you to Luke.


wow. that's quite a way to look at it.


i kind of figure you're not beaten until you give up.


i think often the cache owner knows how best to give hints without spoiling the key parts of the hunt. and the cache owner is often happy to help.


when you hide a cache, do you consider that you've been beaten every time someone finds your container? i'd rather think of it as a cooperative venture; you're looking for an entertainment and the hider is willing to provide it. sometimes you get challenged, sometimes you don't.

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it is never poor form to ask thoughtful questions.


sometimes it just helpd to know if you're thinking about a problem in the right way. on my more difficult puzzlers, i am not interested in having people work out elaborate solutions that are wrong and therefore lead to hours and hours of fruitless serching miles from the location. this happens often enough when they're thinking about it correctly, so i'm always happy to tell hunters that at least they have (or don't have) the right concept, if not the correct solution.


many of my hunters expressly DON'T ask for more help than that, because they don't want to cheat themselves out of their full experience.


if an otherwise thorough searcher is just banging his head, i'm more forthcoming. i often answer the question with a question, though: "how much of a hint do you want? "


ONCE i encountered unsolicited hints from a person who had found a cache before me and was just dying to help. thankfully, now i do not rememember who or where.


anyway, go ahead and ask. often you'll get help. sometimes you get lucky and make friends.

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