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Platsic Cache Boxes

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Some of the cheaper Plastic Boxes just dont seem to cut it in the UKs cold and damp weather - The lids are not waterproof and the the plastic gets very brittle in the cold. This all leads to leaky lids and wet cache contents.


For those caches that dont warrent it or those cachers that dont like Ammo boxes and prefer the pastic box, we have come across a very good range called "Lock and Lock"


The web site is http://us.locknlock.com/main.asp


We have just been using the regular range shown here http://us.locknlock.com/product_regular_5.asp


They have a waterproof compression seal, snap locks on all four sides and are available in 70 different sizes and shapes (perfect for finding a cache box that will just fit that little hole you know about)


The web site has a bunch of technology explinations (way too much technology for a food container :unsure: ) about the waterproof / airtight seal and also shows that the side locking clips have been tested by bending 3,000,000 times 80 degrees left to right. They claim that if the container were to be used 10 times a day, it could be used for 821 years - thats a lot of caching :blink:

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You're right about the fuse cans Stu and Sarah they're great!

So great I've just brought a very large number of them and will be creating the ultimate cache quest across Staffordshire and Shropshire... coming soon (within a month)!

Where is your local Surplus store? I paid 50p for mine across the internet.


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What size are the fuse cans

Just too small to get a log-book, pencil and all the stuff you want to place in them :unsure:


They're significantly smaller than ammo cans and tupperwares - I'd guess at 700ml capacity. They also have a slightly awkward shape, getting suddenly narrow at the bottom. BUT they have built-in water protection - an inside cover with rubber seal - and take spraypaint well for camoflaging.

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We go to Langers Army and Navy on Comberton Hill, Kidderminster. Their website is www.surplusandoutdoors.com, but it often bears little resemblance to what they actually have in the shop.


Usually when they have fuse cans, they're outside, so we spot them on our way past and buy a few!





rofl That's exactly where I brought them from! Looks like someone paid 25p more than necessary!

And I brought a load too!



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Are these the 'fuse' cans you are talking about?... I wondered what they were.



I've had a couple out in the field for six months or so now and the contents have remained dry and safe. Though I did have a lot of trouble getting one of them undone when I went to check on it a couple of days ago. I seems the combination of a steel screw lid and an aluminium pot are just perfect for corrosion if subjected to wet conditions :-( I'd used silicon grease on the screw thread but it didn't seem to make much difference. Just something to bare in mind.

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That's them. Although you might want to get your eyes checked - the middle one is totally different :bad:


We found that by putting vaseline on the threads, we have generally managed to... stick the lid even worse. Oops.

Okay- I was going to do that but not now! Simes has one of these and it was perfectly fine without any lubrication.


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