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You Design It!!!

The Weasel

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For all of you graphic wizards out there, I'm calling on you for some help. I am going to be doing some new wooden signature coins real soon and need help with the design. I am no good at attempting nor do I have the software to design a graphic for the coin. I got some wooden "coins" from Michaels craft store that are about the size of a 50 cent piece. What I am thinking is having somebody hopefully help me come up with a design for it. I hear that they make a transparent sticker type sheet that you can print off. I'm thinking that if I get a design made about the size of a 50 cent piece, I can print off a bunch of the designs on a sheet, then lacquering it on the wooden coin. Does this sound like it would work?


Whoever's design is picked will have the #1 coin made into a TB and sent to a cache near them. I would like the design to have a outdoor theme to it. If you want, it can have a front and back design to it.


Thanks for you help!!


Tim, aka The Weasel



Edited for STINKY spelling :blink:

Edited by The Weasel
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Hey Weasey,


I can answer the question under your avatar.....He's stripping the wires so he can PLUG IT INTO A CACTUS.


<gee I crack myself up & sorry for the ot post>


Sn :blink:  :bad: gans

A MacWeasel? That could be an interesting design if somebody could pull it off!!

Actually, it should be a really cute weasel using a cactus to power his GPSr.


Sn :bad::D gans

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. . . Does anybody know about or have tried any of this transparent printer paper that you can use for stickers?

Check out Myarch's Wooden Geotokens and the instructions on how to make them. Myarch apparently used Chartpak Pickett Drafting Applique Film With Film Backing. The geotokens turned out great.



Thanks for the tip Fisur!!!


Still looking for some designs

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. . . Still looking for some designs.

Okay, start with the geocaching guy from KeenPeople.com, tweak it a little, change your name to Catman and you have this:


(Sorry, but I don't know how to draw a weasel.)


Happy New Year.


Where's the cactus?

lol, this has some promise. Come on folks. I KNOW there are some graphics people out there. Don't be shy!!


If I don't get anymore choices, I will have to go with Jeremy's avatar (If he would let me).

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I know you can transfer toner from laser printer output to other materials using acetone (that's the first step in making your own rubber stamps), and the detail comes out very well. I'm not sure if it would work on color laser toner, however. If so, it would be pretty easy to transfer artwork to wooden blanks. You'd just have to remember to reverse the artwork before printing.


Perhaps someone with access to a color laser could test this for us...

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