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  1. Hey that is pretty neat! Do you put a note in it about who it is from? Great job on being creative. I hope you make it out to MN sometime so I might be able to pick one up.
  2. 55901 = 7 caches (just .1 mile shy of 8) It is Saturday so I refuse to do any math.
  3. TOO FUNNY! Must be because some of them ring true! My geocaching goals are to geocache when I have free time. Try and reach 100 finds by my one year geocaching anniversary. Try to hide 5 total caches in my area by my one year geocaching anniversary. Host an event cache in Rochester, MN during Rochesterfest.
  4. Hmmmm.... I thought smurfs had small heads... Here are my "stats." A) Number of caches found: 26 B ) Number of forum posts: 143 C) Number of FTF's: 1 D) Number of caches in a certain difficulty/terrain rating: 2 E) Number of Travel Bugs found: 7 F) Number of Hides: 1
  5. What a great marketing tie-in. I am tempted to drop by the dealership later to see if they have any marketing pieces. I am guessing nothing would be out until late June or even July for brochures on the contest. Has anyone else been by their local jeep dealer?
  6. If you can get your bugs to somewhere in Rochester, MN sometime in the next I would be able to take them out to either San Francisco, CA next week, May 10, or to Portland, ME, May 21. Please email me if you have any you would like to fly out to these places. Thanks!
  7. I have only placed one cache so far and I wanted my first to be pretty cool when it came to a FTF prize. The FTF Prize I left a note on the prize saying it was a FTF and that it was for being left since it was my first released cache. I totally agree with IV Warrior. I never expect the first cacher to find the cache to match the gift, or think that they have to feel guilty about it. I just hope it inspires them to go out and place a couple more caches themselves. My next first to FTF I have lined up is a new flashlight and also a reprinted Civil War book autographed by the great-great grandson of the original author. The book will hopefully go into a civil war themed cache.
  8. ...but don't people stare at you funny without the costume too though???
  9. I tried a search for "convention" and could not find a post. Might have missed some... I know state and regional cachers get together for "meets", but has there ever been a Geocaching Convention set up? I just think from when I go to conventions for work how cool it would be to have vendors selling geocaching products and maybe a couple speakers on placing caches, travel bugs, etc. Who here in the forums would travel to a GeocacheCON and what would you be most interested in seeing there?
  10. Congratulations. Good luck on that meaningful posts thing!
  11. I love the aspect of technology the most. It is pretty amazing that humans have placed satellites to orbit the Earth and someone has turned that tech into a great hobby.
  12. What caches? I only had time for two caches over Easter weekend., Doh! But I placed one in Fergus Falls, MN. Way west from your neck of the woods. I am hoping to head up by Duluth this Fall. Nothing beat northern Duluth in the Fall!
  13. Great series of books! I know I would hunt those down, just so I would not be accused of "forgetting the face of my father". It's a Dark Tower thing.
  14. Found this on the net. Let me know if you get a price for a geocaching ring! http://www.logojewelry.com/rings.html This next one looks like it has a min. order though, but here: http://www.atdesigns.com/products/rings.htm Good Luck!
  15. Actually, probably not. The company I work for has a high school ring division, a college ring division, and a jewlery/award division. The cost to make a die is extremely expensive, from what I am told, and most do not work on single ring jobs. If geocaching.com contacted them though, and they would have hundreds of orders, it might be a different story. Working with independent jewelry designers might be a better aproach.
  16. I think that the urban caches with a terrain difficulty level of one star are going to be best. If they are urban though, they might need to be micro caches. I hope that some of the other cachers reading this topic might be influenced to create at least one wheelchair/scooter accesible cache somewhere in there area. I know I am from reading everyone's comments in this topic! I am hoping to place one in my city that is a 1/1 level and a level 5 difficulty/level 1 terrain. Great topic!
  17. From here: http://www.americanlogowatch.com/ Good price on a lot of watches. I probably won't do that too often though.
  18. It came in the mail today! I am pretty pleased with it. I am hoping to place the cache on Thursday with an approval by sometime this weekend, but we'll see. Here is the picture of the final watch: Finished Watch
  19. Good idea brad.32. I will do that today so no one else goes hunting for them. Come on, Snoogans! I was kinda looking tips on tracking him down, to see if I was overlooking something. I think everyone who releases a bug knows the known risks of losing them. I appreciate the tip of cutting the umbilicol cord!
  20. Cache with missing bugs... I was checking on a couple of my bugs and found some posts saying that my bug, and someone else's from the cache, were no longer present. There is no post from any cacher in between my dropping off my bug and the next post saying all bugs were gone. Is my only hope for locating the person who picked up the bugs, is that they signed the physical logbook in the cache? This is the only thing I can think of for hopefully tracking them down and wanted to see if anyone else has some good ideas. Thanks in advance!
  21. I think I will wait until this comes out on the market... Yeah right! Still would be nice to drive to a couple caches though...
  22. I have been leaving cachecards that I designed: Just finished these new CD's today. I am going to be leaving these sealed CD's in caches that are large enough: The CD's have seven music tracks, three funny movie files, and four desktop themes to import. I plan on dropping some off in Northern Minnesota this weekend! Portland, ME in May!
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