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Whats in a name!!

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Orange Hippo - came from 8th grade band class - one day for some forgotton reason we started naming each other with a color and an animal. For weeks we found things to give each other that matched our new names - keychains, pictures, etc. Sure beat Yellow Snake!


Saito - private - a mixture of two Maori words expressed by a dear person in my life



You're not pull startin' a dadgum lawnmower, squeeze the trigger!

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GOT Milk?


Perfect User name for a Milk Forum board.

This forum deals with GPS units, so I picked GOT GPS? They could go hand-in-hand though, if you put GPS locators on the cows. Imagine what people would be talking about on a Milk Forum?


Ive been using several Magellan and Garmin units since 1998, so here I am:








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Q-Link must have been more popular than I thought. I still remember using our rotary-dial phone and plugging the cord into a 300 baud VicModem on my Commodore 64. Ahh...the good ol' days! 1200 baud was sooooo fast!


My handle has evolved over the years, but I use Team GPSaxophone here.

Full name: Team Globally Positioned Saxophones

  • Team - because I cache with the wife and our 3 kids.

  • GPS - duh!*

  • Saxophones - I've played sax since high school, the wife plays trombone and is learning sax.


*Actually, we attached the GPS part because we had a trip planned to play sax in China. The trip was postponed until 2005, so we may still do it. We had planned to hide a cache there (yes, ON VACATION!) but vacation caches aren't allowed anymore. If we go, we'll hunt a few and start a couple of travel bugs.



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MC Def Jeff was the rap moniker I chose for myself when some other goofy pimply-faced high school classmates and I formed a rap 'group'. This was 17 years ago! I was ahead of the curve, but short on talent.


I post stickers of my avatar (that's me) in cache logs.



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OK, I have to throw mine in here.


As an ex-motocross racer (custom built Suzuki RM465 balanced and blueprinted (Yes you can B&B a single cylinder!) and custom 6 speed transmission) I earned the nickname of "Dirt jr." ( my dad was "Dirt"!) As time grew on and I was weaned from dads racing career, he changed his nick and I became "Dirt". Now, I live in Colorado and the abbrev is CO. Hence, "CdirtO". Dirt in colorado! I have been using Dirt as a nick now for 19 years and even had it on my 4x4 P/U for about 6 years! When money stops being so tight, I will have CDIRTO as my plate on my 4x4 'burban.


I can go anywhere!! ... (if my wife lets me)

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