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How much do you spend on your cache?


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Didn't really give much thought until I started adding up everything to make sure it was over 20 bucks. Heck, I'm spending that much on the Travel Bug alone I put in every cache!


Travel Bug package:

Travel Bug itself (Lighthouse bear): $6.00

Travel bug tag: $6.00

Disposable camera: $6.00

log book, pen, bags, etc. $3.00


The cache itself:

Ammo box (cheaper sources, but this price lets me get one in near mint condition): $8.00

Official geocaching label: $2.00?

Disposable camera: $6.00

Assorted "goodies": ~$10.00


Good caches can be put together for much less than this, but caches right now in MS are so far and few between, I like to do them as best as possible. Also, when one travel bug leaves the cache, unless someone else has dropped one off, I start another.


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Even shopping at dollar stores, it gets up

there in a hurry. I like to include at least a dozen items, usually more, plus a pen, logbook, and the container. Throw in a few ziplocs for moisture control, and you're right at $15.


On the other hand, I specialize in 1/1s. I've got a more difficult cache on the drawing board, and I've lined up some more memorable items for that one.


Still, it's comforting to know that if an inspiration hits, I can pull into the nearest dollar store and grab all the stuff I need to place a fun cache that people will enjoy finding.



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Every cache that Team Misguided has placed, generally runs $20.- to $35.-. We believe in putting out quality caches in the hope that others will reciprocate by leaving quality items for trades. It doesn't always work out, but what the heck, it's only my kids inheritance that I'm spending.





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Well mine vary a bit, my first one a friend gave me all the swag for the cache so I only had to get the Ammo Box, Log Book, Space Pens and baggies.


On my second one I put a lot of stuff in it and the can was overly expensive as the size I needed is getting hard to find right now :/


So the can itself was almost $20 let along the stuff I put into it.


I also only use the Rite in Rain log books as well, I am death to any paper log I come across when its hot out. So aong with that $7 I have to use Space pens to write in them so thats $13-$19 off the break depending on which pen I get.


so first cache I would say just a smidge under $30 my second, just a bit under $50 I think.


But I enjoy making them intresting and fun s its worth it to me. If they start going really down hill, with super crappy trades I might do some cheaper ones but I would hat eto hav eto do that.



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