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  1. So while googling I found some interesting blog post from a guy that does GSI style work using a Trumbull antennas on his Nexus 4. He did a couple of blog posts that cover the a couple of interesting tidbit he did find so here are some links. Http://www.tristate-engineering.com/ideas-gis/archives/04-2013 Along with the May blog post. -Robert
  2. Marty - from my reading the GPS's in Phones/Tablets are more worried about fast acquisition time than accuracy. Which is why I think that each waypoint group looks to be a bit off consistently for the group. Something else I noticed when I am avg out a waypoint that the first 3 are flyers then the next 10-15 points are much closer/clustered. -R
  3. Marty, you are correct, with 3 or 4 markers with a known points on my map, if I could correct based off the difference. It doesn't need to spot on but relative to each other. Each waypoint batch always seems to have a consistent offset vs the "known" points. Yes I know the MfDs have a different priority than single purpose devices. But I found out odd that within an app I get X accuracy (calculated) them in a GPS tool I felt a different number. I recall the figured accuracy when I was actively caching that my V for outstanding as long as I wasnt in a steep walled Valley. I was more Wonderin if Something may have changed in my absence from caching, I was also wondering about a map / waypoint software. My remark about the survey was more sarcasm as I know those units are expensive as sin. I do appreciate the replies. -Robert PS sorry if this is formatted oddly doing this on my phone and the forum software was causing some issues. I took that to mean that the absolute co-ords (i.e. exactly where on the surface of the earth they resolve to) don't matter, but the relative co-ords (i.e. this bunker is exactly x feet from it's neighbour, which is on a bearing of xxx degrees) do matter. If so I wonder if he could achieve it by implementing his own version of differential GPS correction? Set up a number of fixed points, e.g. at each corner of the plot and by taking averaged readings at each establish them as known points and record their co-ords. Then each day you go to take readings you take readings of these points first, if the co-ords you get are off by 3 feet from the "known" position then you correct each reading you subsequently take by 3 feet, if the next day the fixed points are 5 feet out, then you apply a correction of 5 feet to all readings you take. I don't know how accurate this could be, and it would need some fancy maths applied to each pair of co-ords to correct not just the distance but also the bearing. Even if it did work I can't honestly see it being worth the (significant) effort.
  4. While I understand averaging, the issue is these point need to be within a meter. To give you an idea I am working with this as my base. I am marking newly build "bunkers", towers and staging areas. By using known points on the map it gives me my margin, which if I could take all the way points and manipulate them as a layer, I could get them more inline with where they phycially are on the field. as an example : 2 of the 3 points I use for checking location are off almost the same distance. The 3rd is also off the same amount but it is off the screen in this shot. This actual ending coords are not that important, location on the MAP is more what I am worried about. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. -Robert
  5. Well, I have to first say LTNS for a lot of you I have a small project I was working on for work. I was way pointing new items we had build and looking to over lay that into Google Maps. I started with my Phone ( Note 2, Note 4 and a ASUS Transformer Tablet ) and a few different apps. Under clear open sky getting a ton of satellites I am just not seeing the accuracy that I am use to from my Garmin V. I routinely recall getting sub 3ft accuracy or better when doing Waypoint averaging. With my Phones/Tablet I cant get with in 20-40ft I am using HandyGPS atm which has averaging, an it shows sub meter, but in reality that is not quite right. I have been using 3 known points to triangulate my new points, its off at least 7 meters. I dug out my old V and got it running, but it wasn't pulling better than 40ft on the drive to work. So first - Did the accuracy go down at some point ? Next I am sure there has been a massive improvement in PC side software. What may work for what I am looking to do, is if I could drag a layer of waypoints to match know points. Is there a tool out there that would allow for something like this ? Suggestions other than buying a dedicated GPS unit, unless you can point me to something that would be cheap and get me sub 1ft accuracy Danke ! -Robert
  6. HTC Supersonic I think is the phone you are thinking of. -R If you can, you might want to wait till near the end of March. There is a "wireless phone convention/show" in mid to late March (Can't thin of the name) and folks are speculating that Sprint will be making an announcement on some of their future Android phones. I've been "out of contract" since 11/08 and figure it's worth the 3-4 week wait to see if the HTC Hero's "big brother" is right around the corner.
  7. Well to give you an idea at least with sprint. You have the contract you are currently using, at the end of that contract if you do nothing, that plan stays with you at the same rate etc etc. Now if you want a new phone and you are out of contract then you can sign a new deal and get the upgrade phone package ( Like I did with the hero for $99 with a renewal 2 year ). Now as an example I had a 500 Any Time Family plan with UL text Ul Data UL PCS to PCS Night and weekend @ 7pm etc that plan with 2 phones was $100 a month. I had that plan for I want to say over 6 years, of that 3 of that was out of contract. Now I wanted to get the Hero and not pay $500 for it, I started looking at the Smart Phones and plans and sprints deal was better for me than any of the others out there. 450 Data as mentioned in the other post, $70 a month and I dropping my other line ( 1 Phone now ) Now in 2 years if I want a new phone I reup or switch. If I don't need a new phone Ill keep my contract as it is unless I can drop my cost on a new plan. Even if you are under contract after your upgrade they are not cheap until you get a year in. -Robert
  8. Hummm I was "off" contract for several years, you don't have to get a new plan just because you have completed your last 2 year deal. -R
  9. I have use GeoBeagle and GCdroid I am going to be honest I have not been super thrilled with the GPS accuracy so far, It gets me to the right area but +/- 4-6 Meters is worse than the GPS V I use to use But both those programs work well, they both have quirks I will say the ability of GeoBeagle to use Google Satalite images is neat. If you are not super hard up for the phone right now, you may want to wait a little bit ( 2-3 months ) there should be a few more choices. The CDMA variant of the Nexus One from Google as an example. -R
  10. Well back in Jan I picked up a HTC Hero on sprint. it is way more phone than I really need BUT I can use it to tether my Netbook and laptop wired or wireless ( you need to root the phone for some of that stuff ) I got the 450 Data plan 450 anytime minutes, UL Data, UL text, UL Mobil to Mobil ( any ) and nights and weekend UL after 7pm So basically my minutes are only used when I call a land line or I am roaming. I just started using the phone for caching as a lark on days and so far it has done a decent job. There are some hoops to jump through right now but the Apps are maturing and GC.Com will be releasing an android app at some point. Best Buy just had the Hero for $99 with a New 2 year or renew 2 year so there some deals out there on the phones. -Robert
  11. hey fizzy Hell I am still using FizzyCalc from years ago Hope you and yours are well -R
  12. I have an HTC Hero and started playing a bit with GeoBeagle, and have downloaded a few more of the free apps and I plan on trying a few of them out over the next week or so. While I have been away for a while my poor GPS V has died a quite death in my center console. I was shocked at how well the Hero and the App did on getting me to the cache. Both that I found today I had accuracy in the 20ft-28ft range. I look forward to an official CG.Com app. -Robert
  13. Wilder - The V is a very good GPS for just about everything. Its one draw back is its lack of Map memory vs the newer units. Limited to 19 where some of the newer units have 56-119mb for maps. Something to think about I had an issue where the gops would not for anything aquire statlites. I had to back flash it to a 2.05 firmware then do a force reset let it redownload the satalite alminac (sp) and then flashed it back to the 2.50 firmware. ONe bad thing is you loose all your user data ( hours on, total miles etc ) but thats what ended up fixing mine a while ago. -Robert
  14. Brian - I got your email but my outgoing mail server is pooched. Here is a few not too far from where you are : 395 Overlook (GCH057) by flowerman (1.5/1.5) Out of the Frying Pan (GC4B32) by DisQuoi Adopted by GLM (3/2.5) Burke Lake Park (GC175) by Drew (adopted by Bigcall) (2/1) There are a gaggle around that cache. Haley Park (GCFD66) by flowerman & Hannah (1.5/2) Nice string of caches - THE CARROT (GCHZT8) by 2Wheel'in (1.5/1.5) THE STICK (GCHZT6) by 2Wheel'in (1.5/1.5) look for another named Film Can ? by this same hider INDY FINDS (GC6503) by Dep&Uno&Co (2/2) There are a lot of caches in this area, a very nice cluster. A few puzzles Lean2Rock (GC5A13) by High Knobber (2/3) An very nice 3 mile hike in ( 6 mile round trip ) on the AT SIGH-4 (GCG2R9) by MeBuff8Fan (4/2.5) Nice park hard puzzle Archived but good caches - Cannon Fire (GCEBD8) by DisQuoi Adopted by GLM (4/3) Les Anges Volantes (GC9574) by DisQuoi (4/3) You Are The GPS! (GC4178) by DisQuoi (4/3) , he has some great caches that I think are still hidden just archived Get a PQ of the area and look around those for caches. I have a few that of course I am rather fond of Can't Cache Me! #1 (GC12BA) by Geohunt.tv Adopted by RobAGD (1.5/1.5) Cache Aid ! (GC89DD) by RobAGD (1.5/2) Colvin Mill Run (GCFFEF) by RobAGD (2.5/2) Gelf13's NASA Cache (GC82DE) by RobAGD (2/2) Hope that will help you out. -Robert
  15. Hey Brian, nice to see you will be in the area for a bit. Lots of good caching, some are night accessable as you have found out. I dont get out all that much any more but if you want some fun ones to do drop me a line and ill pass along a list of fun/good caches to do. -R
  16. What your seeing between the LEdgen and the III+ is the differnace in teh Patch ( etrex ) and the Quad Helix ( III+ and V ) The Quad holds sig better than patch in foresty conditions. Save your pennies and get the V, you can find them cheap w/ the City Select software and full unlock for 300 ish. Shop around, hell look for used units as well. -R
  17. I have owned both a III+ and teh V and the V has a much nicer Screen, better details, Better Back light, AutoRouting, 19mb of Map space and routing Did I mention routing I loved my 3 and it did well for me in geocaching, but using the V helpe dout a lot of getting close to a cache without having to hunt for close entrances and the like. Heck sometimes it get me dadgum close. -R
  18. I suggest - You Are the GPS - View it and do it any way i think most os its satalite componets are still active Cannon fire Do not seak the treasure -R
  19. Yea thats a chame that its going missing again, it was wedged in quite tight when I found it. I think PyroNorm has a canoe you might want to drop him a email. Its a shame, I was about to post a taunt to egg some people into finding it -R
  20. The West Falls Church Metro will get you with in about 1 mile or so of that cache. Look at where 66 and rt 29 cross. As to the Metro stations, I have a tpg file here some place that has all the metro rail stops as waypoints, Ill see about getting that posted or somehing. Also dont forget the W&O Bike Path that runs from DC to Purciville Va that I think will be a slightly shorter walk. Here is a link to the web site - http://www.wodfriends.org/ and here is a link that shows the bike paths and metro rail stops w/ stop names. Its a few MB's but its worth the DL http://www.fhiplan.com/novabike/documents/...ovember2003.pdf -R edit note - I posted this without refershing the page, turns out I had loaded this page a bit ago :/
  21. Do a little search in here for DC Caches, there are few threads that cover some great DC caches. Ifyoucan mooch a bike you can do everything with in the city limits as well as the stuff in Arlington Cematary. The one with the planets is Solar Sailing It happens to be mine Thanks for the good word Squealy. -Robert btw - you can get 30-50 easy if you so an early mall run remember building close at 5pm and I would skip Sqidly bugs thats a time killer. -R
  22. I use a Bilkin USBCable/charger thatcomes with a USB to UPC connector. Then that plugs into the lighter adapter giving you car power. I also use the lighter adapter to power some other usb powered devices. Neat little cable. -R
  23. Good luck toyouon gettingyours fixed as well.. -R
  24. I too would like to be add, I am starting to work with XML and gpx files for my own uses. -Robert PS - I second Prime Suspects request for those fields.
  25. BC you have to come down for a visit ! Been rather warm here of late. Way better caching weather than Chicago -R
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